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It is time the competent president removes the EC Chair and her deputies

Comment: Absurd piece of writing

2021-01-02 09:39:11
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It is time the competent president removes the EC

What's the use of this piece of writing? As a writer, you've done nothing in the area of factual and logical analysis to convince critical thinkers why the EC should be removed. All you've done is to make sweeping generalizations.

Yes, mathematical errors might have been reckoned in line with the election results. While this is a necessary condition to claim that incompetence has been exhibited, it isn't a sufficient condition to claim that the incompetence merits the removal of the EC.

Sometimes, some Ghanaians like you just want to be heard and think, fallaciously, that this is a conduit for earning popularity.

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Absurd piece of writing
01-02 09:39