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Peace Equals Development

Comment: Another Cheerleading Article

2006-08-11 14:31:18
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Peace Equals Development

Nye bro Paul, Ghana has no problem with PEACE... We have peace and abundant resources. Ghana's exigent problems are the lack of strategic planning, resource allocation, visionary leaders, commitment and stewardship in our leaders, to name a few.

We have tribal dislikes et all, but it does not rise to the level of Rwanda or elsewhere( where it actually disrupts peace and stability); Ghanaians accept mediocre achievements... we wallow in the fact that we are the first to do x and x and then what?

Folks, it is time for Ghanaians to wake up from 50 years of day dreaming and strive to achieve economic independence. This task will take a collaboration between the gov't and private entities and individuals, who are committed to the betterment of our beloved homeland...

PEACE IS NOT OUR PROBLEM.... Ghana is an island of peace and will always be.

Good cheerleading article on your part... Rather read this than articles that contain an undertone of divisive

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Another Cheerleading Article
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