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Biography of the late Lt. Gen. F.W.K. Akuffo culled from the Sandhurst Trust

Comment: JJ, the holier than thou saint in Ghana.

2020-09-24 16:14:12
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Biography of the late Lt. Gen. F.W.K. Akuffo culle

In any advance nation where the rule of law is paramount, all the military officers executed would have had a fair trial but JJ killed them just for killing sake. The question we should ask is, did Ghana become a paradise after that bloodshed?

JJ executed someone who legally took a loan from a bank citing corruption and when did securing a loan from a bank become corruption? It was the same "holier than thou" JJ who forced Ghanaians to pay all their monies into PNDC accounts no. 48 and till date, no Ghanaian knows how much was paid into that account, how the money was disbursed and who were signatories to that account.

There are people who did not live through what JJ did and they are the ones who prefer to see him on the throne killing people. JJ took money from Sani Abacha of Nigeria which was legal to his teeming supporters but love the killing of the army office who legally took a loan from the bank.

Ghanaians should grow up and stop that silly hero worshipping of some none-entities. Killing our fellow humans should be done through the right procedure or, simply put through a fair trial where people will hear arguments from both sides. There is no reason to target some people and eliminate them. Imagine someone did that to JJ's mother when she was young, JJ would have been nowhere in our history.

Ghana is for all and sundry and it is about time we eschew that stupid hatred and live in peace. We are humans and we cannot be equal at the same time but should get along with one another. That is how a nation moves on.

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09-24 15:45
JJ, the holier than thou saint in Ghana.
09-24 16:14