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Opinions of Saturday, 3 June 2006

Columnist: Boateng, Kwame Appiah

Special tribute to Adu Boahen


I write with a saddened heart and my tears still flow uncontrollably like the Mighty Niagara Falls as I pay a Special Tribute to the late Professor Albert Adu Boahen who was "Larger than Life" and whose Fearlessness, Intergrity, Honesty and Love for Freedom, Liberty and the respect for Human Rights and Civil Rights are comparable to the enviable records of such legendaries as Arch-Bishop Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther Jr, President John F. Kennedy, Steve Biko and Malcolm X .

Professor, with this tribute, I hereby bring you back to life and hope Parliament would pronounce you as a "Former President" - SYMBOLICALLY and POSTHUMOUSLY between the priod of 1992 - 1996, in the face of the "Stolen Verdict".

I also recommend to the Government of Ghana to erect a Statute in your honor at the University of Ghana, Legon, preferably, in front of the History Department - ( in the same way I proposed the idea of erecting Statutes in Honor of the Martyred Judges) !!!

In addition, I suggest to the Government and International Democratic Institutions to build "Professor Adu Boahen's Center for Democracy and Freedom" to instill the noble ideas and ideals of Democracy, Freedom and Liberty and also, to instill the Spirit of Political Fearlessness.

Furthermore, Professor Adu Boahen deserves the honor to be named after a University (and) a Secondary School.

Juaben Secondary School for example, could be named after this celebrated National Hero.

Perhaps, the " Mystic Tides of Destiny" could explain why as a young student, I joined the "People's Movement for Freedom and Justice (PMFJ) in 1979 and became the organization's third registered member in Kumasi, Ashanti Region which the late Professor Adu Boahen, the late Okatakyie Akwasi Amankwah Afrifa and the late Komla Gbedemah, the late William Ofori Atta, etc were leading members and we courageously fought against the Supreme Military Council headed by the late Benevolent and Humanitarian, yet Dictatorial - General I.K. Acheampong who was unfortunately executed by people who later saw themselves in the same mirror as their victims.

Professor Adu Boahen was a perfect Role Model for any Believer of Democracy, Freedom and Liberty --- especially, any Freedom Fighter who is against Oppression, Tyranny and Dictatorship !!!

Like a "Natural Mystic" of Bob Marley's lyrics, I strangely found myself wearing "Small Size shoes" --similar to the "Big Size Shoes" of Professor Adu Boahen, as far back as my High School days at Great Koss where I was affectionately called the "Political Advisor" and I attacked Military Dictatorship in such articles as "Hitting Hard at the Military" which was published in the Believer in 1979.

The same "Tides of Fate" could also explain why I followed Professor Adu Boahen into the United National Convention (UNC) headed by Mr. William Ofori Atta (Paa Willie), one of Ghana's "Big Six", whom I accompanied during some of his Political Rallies in Kumasi.

When former Head of State, Okatakyie Akwasi Amankwah Afrifa wrote me a personal letter in 1979, a few Months before he was unfortunately executed ---( I wrote to Okatakyie in 1979, criticising him for his involvement in the overthrow of Ghana's first President, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. Okatakyie wrote to explain his side of the story and followed with another letter praising my Patriotism) --- he, Okatakyie Afrifa perhaps, knew he had found a Teenager who wanted to be like Professor Adu Boahen when he grew up and that was one of the legacies of the late Professor Adu Boahen --- a ROLE MODEL who inspired Kwame Mayor who has a track record of fighting "Enemies of Democracy", "Enemies of Freedom" and "Enemies of Human Rights" - unjust governments and unjust Nations which oppose civilized and cherished ideals of Democracy, Freedom and Individual Liberty.

It was inspiration I acquired from such legends as Professor Adu Boahen, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King, President John F. Kennedy and Malcolm X which enabled me to stand up courageously like the Biblical David against the Goliaths who subjected me - (the first African born to run for a higher public office in the history of America and the first Ghanaian-American to symbolically run for Mayor of Los Angeles) - into Politically- Motivated Persecution and Torture in Los Angeles, California, USA --- (Without the Knowledge of the Civilized and Democratic Government of the United States of America) - when a [few] individuals tried to utilize every available "Tools of a Super Power" to dehumanize me but were morally and ethically defeated - (Thanks to the help of "Brave Americans" and also thanks to President Bill Clinton's White House which ordered the Justice Department to investigate allegations of persecution against me) !!!.

This is indeed, a tribute to the "Larger than Life" ---Professor, Albert Adu Boahen and to me, it is also a sad day to reflect how and why the ruling government forgot to include his name among those slated to be honored with National Awards in July 2006 --- [until] the Newspapers cried out !!!

Professor, do you know that I have (never) received credit from the ruling government for my Spirit of Patriotism in providing such Visionary and Strategic ideas to the Nation as [first] calling for "Erection of Statutes for the Martyred Judges", My 1996/1997 Political Literature or Platform calling for the "Importation" of South Africa's Model of Truth and Reconciliation Commission into Ghana, ( I personally gave a copy of the Political Literatuure to His Excellency, President John Agyekum Kufuor when he and Hon. Kwadwo Mpiani visited Los Angeles in 1999 --- before Mr. Kufuor became President of Ghana); My December 21, 2003 and January 19, 2004 Letter to President John Agyekum Kufuor appealing for the President's help to allow Ghanaians living abroad to register to vote wherever they live and which finally translated into the "ROPAB BILL", My December 12 Press Release - published on Ghanaweb.Com on December 14, 2005, captioned "Rename Castle the "Black House" --- to attract Tourism like the White House" - calling for building a seat of government to attract Tourism like the White House and Decorated with the Nation's richest regalia, logically and rationally prompted Parliamentary Debate over the $30 Million Loan to build a seat of government, etc, etc.

Grateful People throughout Ghana and the World Community will always remember your good deeds and I am pleased that the ruling government listened to the Voices of the People and eventually included your name among those who are to be honored by National Awards which I proposed a similar "National Hall of Fame" and / or "Patriotic Hall of Fame", via Press Releases to the News Media, especially, my Press Release dated August 25, 2005.

Thanks to His Excellency, President John Agyekum Kufuor for recognizing the need to honor you !!!

Thanks also to the CPP, a Political Party I belong to which has paid you a Tribute and also, thanks to former President Jerry John Rawlings for describing you in the words of Integrity !!!.

Professor, the first time I met you in Los Angeles, California, USA when you spoke to members of the Ghanaian Community, you showed extraordinary humility and I wish everybody on Earth was Self-Confident and "Down to Earth" like you.

You did (not) display any trace of Elitist Arrogance and only a few Blessed Souls like you, Hon. I.C. Quaye, Greater Accra Regional Minister, Dr. Edmund Delle, CPP National Chairman, can honestly boast of such amazing qualities of Humanity.

Professor, did you know that in the struggle against the "Culture of Silence", I was your Ally and (eventually) registered as a member of the ALLIANCE.

"Rivers of Fate" this time, could perhaps, explain why your Son, Charles Adu Boahen and I swam in the same "Ocean of Academia" at the Prestigious University of Southern California (USC) in USC.

May You Rest In Perfect Peace, Professor Adu Boahen.

Signed for Release : "Osagyefo" Kwame Appiah Boateng (Kwame Mayor) - 2004 CPP Parliamentary Candidate for Nhyiaeso Constituency, Kumasi, Ashanti Region

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