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How SHS boarding system is fighting ethnicity and bigotry in Ghana


2020-08-30 19:34:13
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Re: How SHS boarding system is fighting ethnicity

I completely agree with the writer, the boarding system has helped foster good inter ethnic relations in the country. Spending money to ensue continued excellent relations with one another using the boarding school system is an idea that should be encouraged.

Ethnic tensions are mainly a result of economic opportunities. Resource rich communities of today tend to adopt a somewhat selfish approach to socio economic and political agendas. Politicians then fan these for votes. As a people, we have to find a solution to these challenges. The boarding system must STAY AND BE EXPANDED, however its not the only problem breeding tensions....economic opportunities such as jobs too contribute to this.....e.g assuming i attended a boarding school in i region different from my home region. i have excellent relations with all groups as a result of living under one roof with all. i, assuming was the best student all round at sec and uni. i graduate as the best among the lot...then here comes the real issues; i can't find a job because the NATIONAL CAKE OR JOLLOF OR KENKEY OR FUFU IS SOO SMALL everyone wants it. Those responsible for recruitment or economic opportunities (credit support for even self employment) then tend to favour their 'kind' even if they are not qualified or good. politics again been a factor.

There u have it...these are real challenges.lets not pretend it does exist. the result of the above scenario is that all the gains of the boarding system comes crashing down, because we may pretend ethnic and political affiliations don't matter in economic opportunities, but they do. Even accessing bank credit has similar issues. let us, as a people, find solutions to these also...THE 'FOUNDATION SOLUTION OF THE BOARDING SCHOOL IS AN EXCELLENT START....the NEXT SHOULD BE THE ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES PHASE etc.

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