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The church and our society: The church must arise

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kofi bassar
2020-08-29 00:30:54
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The church and our society: The church must arise

Religion is a great thing for it helps calm the heart and the mind; however, religious leaders are to blame. The leaders are corrupt, liars. The Church has lost it spirituality.
Humans are governed through spiritual connection between the rulers and the people. When that connection link is missing the rulers fail since they can no longer connect with the people.
Matthew Chapter 23 of the Bible shows Christ chastising the Rabbis.
I also disagree with the writer that the integration of the world economies has created a lot of wealth but this wealth is disproportionately owned by only one percent of the human population. Poverty abounds everywhere. Nobody seems to care because the rich controls everything with stone cold heart. Our political leaders are all under their grip. The rule of law is thrown into the sea.

These young people see things and they are ready to confront it head on. Believe it or there is going to be a great upheaval whose consequences will be catastrophic.
It has happened in Rwanda and it going to happen.

The last global demonstration of Michael Floyd's murder is a sign of things to come.

Believe it or not. Our leaders need to seek spiritual connection. In Africa it is through BAYIE.

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kofi bassar
08-29 00:30