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Kwamena Ahwoi’s ‘Working With Rawlings’ – Amidu’s Critique II

Comment: Amidu paa

Roce Koran
2020-08-25 13:23:26
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Kwamena Ahwoi’s ‘Working With Rawlings’ –

Scholarly work or academic writings should be critiqued with facts that the writer might have messed up but not with innuendoes and envious biases as well self-glorified pomposity like what Amidu has done. Valarie Sawyerr is right, Amidu is full of himself. Kwamena never, suggestively or impliedly professed to be the all in all in his book "working with Rawlings" so where is he reaping more than he had sown. Why the envy of the fact that he is a Cecil Rhodes scholar or such scholars don't make mistakes on narration of events. If those Amidu claims "hijacked" Mills committed any crimes he is now in a position to deal with them or shut up. A man like Amidu, who lied his way to get his job, should focus and get results instead of writing stupid epistles. NDC is doomed because all NDC's traitors like Koku, Allotey, Amidu etc hide behind their so called founder to intimidate and harass the NDC. Who born dog, for such traitors to behave like this in the NPP, they would have been sacked and visited with acid-bath longtime. We don't need Kwamena to tell us JJ hounded Mills till death. Kwamena even distorted some facts to put JJ in good light, for example, JJ beat up Arkaah, but for the timely intervention of Commodore Steve Obimpeh, Arkaah would have had his balls crushed. What is in Kwamena's book that Ghanaians don't know already. Mr Special Prosecutor do your work or resign and come and write your bitter, deceitful articles against NDC perhaps for more post. I would rather believe Kwamena than a bitter, deceitful Amidu. By the way, Amidu, are you also not reaping more than you have sown, cos of no results in your work

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08-25 07:50
Amidu paa
Roce Koran
08-25 13:23