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JB Danquah Vrs Nkrumah: The untold story of Ghana’s independence struggle and the founders’/founder's debate

Comment: Confused with confusion

Keep Them Honest
2020-08-07 21:13:19
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JB Danquah Vrs Nkrumah: The untold story of Ghana

When we use the word 'Founder' what are we actually trying to say? Creating or inventing 'something'? Or leading a team to achieve a 'Goal'? The Land 'Gold Coast' or 'Ghana' is definitely not founded by any single person.

It seems to me the word 'Founder' is being use to mean the coming into being of a country call 'Gold Coast' or 'Ghana'. The word 'Founder' is used through out the world to honor the leaders who led in achieving freedom to their people or countries. Nothing more. Nothing less. The American revolution was led by George Washington along with Jefferson, Jackson, Adam etc. Today, George Washington is honored not because he single-handedly freed the colony but for his leadership. Let us stop the silliness in Ghana

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08-06 18:35
Confused with confusion
Keep Them Honest
08-07 21:13