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JB Danquah Vrs Nkrumah: The untold story of Ghana’s independence struggle and the founders’/founder's debate

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2020-08-07 19:56:40
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JB Danquah Vrs Nkrumah: The untold story of Ghana

To all nkrumaist and until the whole world knows the truth,ghana first president Nkrumah inherited a rich nation in terms of natural resources,but lacking technological and managerial skills.However he became arrogant and embarked on gargantuan spending spree with no coherent strategies to replenish outlays from inherited assets.President nkrumah misruled and dictatorship,precipitated the army police,the only coup in ghana jointly executed by the army police against his government,and started a cycle of dictatorial military governments culminating into the brutal AFRC and PNDC extermination of opponents.The all powerful almighty God who spoke and things happened,didn't need six days to finish creation he could finish everything one day or even a second,but just as in his usual humility came to earth and was brutally executed on the cross,chose six days finish creation.Why six days?Maybe God is speaking to mankind to finish one major project at a time,if we really want to do a great job.In a nutshell,had president Nkrumah achieved solid agriculture foundation before industrial diversification of the economy,ghana would not be importing food now.Farmers having modern farm equipments would require fewer workers and even layoff some existing workers,then imports substituting industrialisation would become essential since it would provide jobs for displaced farm workers and new entrants to the jobs market,The rush to industrialize,shortly after independence with about six million population,drew farm workers on farms in remote areas without clean drinking,electricity etc,to newly created lucrative factory jobs in cities where all the modern amenities were concentrated.Further,if nkrumah had used ghana resources to build infrastructures across ghana and allowed Democratic rule to prevail,the army police coup against his government would not have occurred,and ghana would have had the political stability to grow economically.The Europeans realizing the political stability and economic developments in newly independent ghana would have been motivated to rethink their continue colonization of Africa,and the need for ghana,newly independent with gargantuan infrastructures deficit to give away 10million pounds to guinea would not have occurred.In America because first president Washington didn't become a brutal dictator,America had the political stability to grow economically.

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Re: JB Danquah Vrs Nkrumah: The untold story of Gh
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