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The Dawn Of ?Culture Of Rights?

Comment: TO dear Blessing.

Nana Diasempa
2006-04-08 09:24:04
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Re: Blessing

You,from the Ewe tribe must start doing something about it. We the Akans and other ethnics will follow and help to abolish that inhumain trokosti practices. Do not fight against the article as tribal sentiments. Nana Ama Obenewah on this forum will get massive support to start a wild petition to the government. Blessing becomes her assistance and I Nana Diasempa will strategicaly propagate up to top the supreame court of Ghana, starting from NGO'Human rights in Europe. Are you prepared? This is no joke.

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04-07 02:31
TO dear Blessing.
Nana Diasempa
04-08 09:24