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The Dawn Of ?Culture Of Rights?


Nana Diasempa
2006-04-08 08:51:26
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The Dawn Of ?Culture Of Rights?

This article should be awarded as the best to constibution for debate and recycle the delivered justice to all. The most dangerious culture of rights is EWE TROKOSTI CHILD ABUSES. God will never forgive all EWE's if they do not fight against the EWE'S stupid inhumain culture of rights. This is a case for all Ewe's.

Once upon a time in Kumasi Anloga which is populated by Ewes community. Three of my friends decided to walk from Kumasi Kajetia market to Ahinsan town using shortest routes. But we all got lost straight to Anloga town close to KNUST. As 16 year old students, our eyes and hormons on girls of our age was an experienced needed to bloosom preparation for puberty test if possible. At Anloga, we bought kulikuli(African snacks) and enjoyed the best gari and beans with zomi oils(African food, student termed it "cement") and later rested on a bench and drinking ice water we bought in a kiosk(small shop). Our money run up but we needed more for water because of the sun heat. We have less money to buy ice water but tap or river/sream water used for the ice water was free at least for one or two cups. Our dear seller called a beautifull young girl to offer us the water. She was wearing rounded cloth up to the top of her breast and white powder on some part of the chest in circles. She gave us the water as she sat down directly close and very close to us on the bench. Two girls followes and two more totalling up to 5 young heavenly created beautiful girls from 10 years to 16years of age. We ask them about which school they attended. Their faces could tell me their problems and suffering but was liberated to meet us. We all started to run after each other in a game they introduced that we in Kumasi never experienced to enjoin. The game was wonderful and enjoyed among all. Lack of communication could not failed our new friends in Anloga. Our trip to Ahinsan was no more important in case it starts raining. We made appointment the next week and played that same game but different. So we got accustomed and where very happy to learn different games with them which throwed our quest of puberty ideas.

At the height of the game , 5 strong chested men came to forcefully arrest all the girls in seconds. They were crying, stremming, "LEAVE ME ALLONE LEAVE ME ALONE PLEASE PLEASE IN THE EWE LANGUAGE" That was the first time the shop keeper told us about TROKOSTI EWE CULTURE. The men was not jealous but but those girls are from other parts of Ewe villages for relocation to serve Ewe God. WHAT? Please What? we also screamed in disbelief. It was time for action to resist for their attacks. The police station at Oforikrom told us to wait and wait. We where advised to forget fo the sake of JUJU.

We as stubborn students made so many attempts to locate and ask the the rights of the girls. We then heard many stories of the practices. We where several times warned. They will kill us with JUJU if our eyes and foot sets on Anloga. The freedom we (I and friends) enjoyed in Ghana was not for all people) these vulnerable child girls educated our friendship as a game for every child hide and seek. May God help them to freedom, dead or alive Amen. The shock of betrayal.

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04-07 02:31
Nana Diasempa
04-08 08:51