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Supreme Court strikes out suit against K.K. Sarpong over retirement age

Comment: Re: Good decision

Ndc nkwaseafuo party
2020-07-29 12:25:24
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Good decision

OKOFO wisdom has no time for idi*o*ts ! Ndc from time to time has been losing cases not because any judge hate you but because you are idi*ots ! Emotions don't win court cases, Ghanians have been calling ndc as foo**ools and its like you not taking it serious but its real and serious you are idi**ots and disgrace to Ghana ! Ghana has never met or experienced such idi**ots being grouped in one party in our political dispensation since before 1948 and beyond like the ndc ! Gyimie, Gyimie nkoaa ! and they expect to win every stupid case they sent to court !

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07-29 10:36
Re: Good decision
Ndc nkwaseafuo party
07-29 12:25