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CJ Acquah Against Executive Interference in the Judiciary

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2006-03-29 06:12:43
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RE: This is not interference

Yaw, I usually agree with your views on most things but I think your heaping praise on former CJ Wiredu "as fierce defender of the indep. of judiciary" is wrong. He was a dictator, spendtrift, reckless and very arrogant. To boot, he knew no law. He was asking for and using money to build walls around the courts when the courts themselves were dirty and breaking down from lack of maintenance. This is just one example. If these greedy judges - Wiredu, Sophia Akuffo and Acquah are left on their own, the building of palaces, family hotels, useless trips to watch movies by Kuffour and his gang will be like the most noble projects in Ghana. Do you know how many trips the senior members of the judiciary make - to attend "refresher courses"?

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