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Politics of Thursday, 26 April 2018


‘Worst’ NPP government far better than ‘best’ NDC government – A Plus

The 'worst' NPP government will on any day be preferred by Ghanaians rather than the ‘best’ NDC government even in a thousand years, NPP member and musician Kwame A Plus has said.

It is for this reason he says the ruling government must ensure to keep being truthful to the Ghanaian populace in every situation.

His comments come on the back of the uproar sparked by a list of 998 presidential staffers presented by President Akufo-Addo last week in accordance with Section 11 of the Presidential Office Act, 1993 (Act 463) which requires the President to submit a report on the staffing position of the Office of the President.

The list which includes nine Ministers of State, 27 presidential staffers, 256 other/junior appointees and 706 employees of the public/civil service staff was met with mixed reactions from the public, majority of Ghanaians expressing worry over the implications of the figure on the public purse.

While critics have accused government of failing on its promises to protect the public purse with the huge numbers it has implored under its government, some government officials including Information Minister, Mustapha Hamid, in defense have maintained that the number though high is having less effect on the public purse compared to the 678 figure under the Mahama administration.
A Plus who obviously is unenthused by attempts by some of his party officials to salvage the situation says the hard earned reputation of ‘honest’ President Akufo-Addo will be tarnished if persons around him continue to spew out lies to the public and disappoint with decisions of this nature.

He believes Ghanaians have massive love for the NPP for which reason the party must take advantage and work towards to maintain the integrity they preached during their campaigning.

“Now politicians what they do is that they give you reason, they’ll explain, John Mahama didn’t have reason?”, he quizzed.

“Ghanaians love NPP because the worse NPP government is better than the best NDC government…I’ve been roaming the country, I’ve gone everywhere in the county, places where there was no NPP, today go there, you’ll find NPP. There’s a village called BonBonkodaani, you go there and people are wearing NPP T-shirts and don’t take that love for granted, you have to build on it.
Where you have to say sorry, you do so, truth is the best answer”, he said.

“Before NDC can win power again, they’ll have to say we are sorry, when we were in power, we didn’t do things right, now that we are in opposition, we’ve sat down and thought about it, and we are sorry, instead of saying that, they are on radio, they still have mouth to talk, NPP don’t be like them”, he said.

Though he vouches for the President’s honesty and integrity, he is disturbed that some officials working with him might compromise that hard earned reputation with their desire to deceive and spew out lies constantly. For A Plus, the NPP should have dwelt on the mistakes of the Mahama-led administration which infuriated Ghanaians for which reason they were voted out to do much better and impress Ghanaians.

“We have to be honest, the few people around Nana who are doing a great job, I respect them but you can’t come and sit on TV and tell people when we were campaigning that 678 is too much and then we turn around, we are not even shy, we can tell Ghanaians that we have added only 220. Did we change so that we can continue what we called incompetent government or we changed so we can make it better”

“It will get to a point, people will forget about you, we will go to elections, Nana will win by 60% and all of you, parliamentarians will lose because the people still love and trust Nana, they know that he has vision, he is not self-seeking, he will win and all of you who sit on radio and lie, instead of saying sorry, with the way Ghanaians like sorry and like to be respected and not treated like they are being taken for fools, they will support you”

“We can’t be changing government every four or eight years, it’s about getting a government and standing by them”, he mentioned.

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