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Opinions of Monday, 27 September 2021

Columnist: Dr Samuel Adjei Sarfo, Esq.

Why do we need to worship any creator?

File photo: There writer says there's no use or incentive in worshipping any god File photo: There writer says there's no use or incentive in worshipping any god

I have been thinking of why we worship God in the first place, and the often-cited reason I hear is that he is the creator of the universe. And I am like, and so what? Do we worship any of these numerous human beings who brought into being the multitudinous things we enjoy here on earth? If not, why not?

Why shouldn’t we worship the person that discovered electricity or created the telephone or cars or computers or the internet or Facebook or Whatsapp or the numerous appliances that surround us and keep us healthy and happy and safe? When are we ever required to sing praises in the worship of anybody or any entity because it created something?

Should the fact that God created the universe automatically lead to our worshipping him? Where did he broadcast to humanity the need for us to do that? Forget about the hearsay accounts by his so-called prophets and stick to live broadcasts through electronic or social media.

And in any case, are we the only thing God created? What about our closest cousins….these primates who are pretty much like us in every conceivable way except in the shortage of only four percent of genes……… Why isn’t it the case that all these animals exhibit a proportion of God’s worship according to their instincts and share of mental capabilities? Then at least we will know that worship is a natural duty.

All these animals we are proud to consider inferior…….. There are some qualities about them that exceed our human abilities. They have some instinctual capacities that give them the ability to function fully. In these narrow respects, they are ahead of us.

They enjoy food as us; they excrete as us; they shed blood like us; they cry as us, and even have their own personalities as us! On strict balance, they are no different from us, and they were also created by the same God.

So why are they not engaged in worship as us? Why should we humans bear brunt of God’s worship whereas we are all classified together as mammals or animals like all the rest? What is so special about the human being that he must by all means bear the brunt of God’s worship all alone, to the total occlusion of all these other living things?

And how are we so special besides the size of our brains? After all, a hungry lion will make mincemeat of us in the same way as the other animals unless we outwit it like all the other animals. We can die of snake bites, diseases, and other forms of exposure like all these other animals. We get hungry, thirsty, angry, frustrated, happy or sleepy and even drunk just like all the other animals.

So if the animals are not worshipping any God--congregating on special days to sing praises or pray or fast or listen nor pay their tithes or offering or prophesy as to who will die or live, or of the sins committed against God-- why should we?

And exactly what does God become after we worship him? Happier or better or stronger or serenaded and pacified or mollified? Is he so insecure and egotistic or full of himself that we must worship him before he can become all these?

And what is the template he has prescribed for the exact worship of him beyond knocking our heads in the sand or shouting gibberish or jumping up and down or expressing our worthlessness or engaging in acts of self-emulation, and sometimes self-conceit?

Or should the worship of God be the emanate belief in his omnipotence, omniscience, or omnipresence? Is the job of worship just mere belief and imbecilic acknowledgment and total submission and obedience to our fellow men calling themselves the prophets, pastors, and ministers of God?

Is the acknowledgment of God and belief and faith in him the worship of God; or do additional activities ought to be performed to satisfy him?

And what signs are there for us to certify that God has listened to our prayers? When we live without diseases or crimes or natural disasters and problems? And how or when has the worship of God diminished these occurrences to demonstrate in an implacable sense that God has accepted our worship?

Is there anything that can happen to people that worship God on one hand, but cannot happen to all these other animals and humans that do not worship God? And where is that?

And when we compute the conflicts and confusion amongst these worshippers of God and their claims that they only know the singular truth, although they cannot tell us how they got to know, then isn’t it fair to say that we are engaged in acts of wanton futility? Isn’t it fair to say that all the religious rackets have nothing to do with the worship of any god, but everything to do with the acquisition of sex, power, and food?

For if you look at all these other animals, they have perfected their own deceptive ways to acquire sex, power, and food. Religion is also a section of clever humankind’s deceptive means to all these privileges and resources: Tell simple folks that there is somebody hiding in the skies who demands their worship, especially their money, in order to reward them after they die!

We don’t need to worship anything that created us. The idea that we worship such a thing will be psychotic fetishism and therefore grossly repugnant, and the thing that accepts the worship will be too egoistic, arrogant, and self-conceited. There is no example in nature to make the practice of worship natural or necessary for us.

Our animal cousins don’t worship or pay homage to anything, and yet their fate is no different from ours. We also don’t know of any template of worship or litmus test for the acceptance of our worship. There is no proof that anybody engaged in worship is better off than anybody not engaged in the same.

Rather, there is enough evidence to demonstrate that illiteracy, idiocy, irrationality, and superstition, and lack of innovation and development are all proportionally congruent to the worship of God, and illiteracy, mental damage, and ignorance saturate communities of faith and belief.

There is, therefore, no use or incentive in worshipping any god, and all the resources and time we invest in the practice is sheer waste.