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General News of Wednesday, 4 June 2003

Source: Heritage

Why NDC Bought Small Prez Jet

THE National Democratic Congress (NDC) bought the 11-seater Gulfstream presidential jet because of its modesty, Mr. Doe Adjaho, Minority Chief Whip, has disclosed.

Reacting to claims by Information Minister Nana Akomea that the controversial jet was "too small for presidential use" in a Heritage interview, Mr. Adjaho said that the way President Kufuor carries on, it is no wonder the jet is too small for the NPP government.

He noted: "the President travels too much and with too many people. The President of a HIPC country like ours needs no bigger plane to travel. If the NDC run the country with a smaller jet, why can’t they?"

On the state of the economy, Mr. Adjaho admitted that even though things were not rosy during the NDC administration, conditions for the ordinary Ghanaian today are worser than before.

Adjaho, also MP for Avenor, accused the ruling party of allowing too much waste in the system. He urged the government to cut down on its expenditure and too much foreign travels.

In another interview, the Minority Spokesman on Finance, Mr. Moses Asaga, said the current inflation rate of 30% is the result of the increase in petroleum prices to over 90% in the first quarter of the year.

To him Ghana cannot achieve a single digit inflation rate at the end of the year as earlier projected by the finance minister.

Mr. Asaga said, the only way to reduce the current inflation rate is for the government to re-align petroleum pricing by reducing it.