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Opinions of Friday, 25 June 2021

Columnist: Joel Savage

Who says there are no homeless people in America?

American homeless are more than one can imagine according to the writer American homeless are more than one can imagine according to the writer

Don’t hate me if I am not interested in Democracy. This is one of the reasons which caused the man-made suffering imposed on Cuba by the US government but the corrupt media wouldn’t say it in this way, instead, they told the world that Fidel Castro is the world’s most tyrant leader and brutal dictator.

In the political history of Cuba under Fidel Castro, the US media branded Fidel Castro as a leader starving the Cubans but the media failed to realize the devastating economic impact of the United States embargo over 55 years on Cuba after the US discovered Cuba was providing a military base to the Soviet.

The US sanctions against Cuba brought great economic hardship to Cubans. These are some of the reasons every African country is following America’s democracy because failure to do will result in catastrophic economic consequences.

Just like the bad things the foreign media writes about Africa, the same thing they write about Cuba, yet in the United States of America, they are many homeless people, especially in San Francisco-California, Philadelphia-Pennsylvania, Boston-Massachusetts, Seattle-Washington, New York City-New York, etc.

This makes it clear when I say that Africa’s economy in the hands of the US government. Like one using remote control on the television, America can let Africa’s economy flourish or can let the economy suffer depression at the same time.

In this way, despite the massive corruption in Africa, the unseen role of the US government in Africa’s politics also has influence and impact on Africa’s economy.

In the US newspapers nothing good was said about Fidel Castro but what many don’t know is the country didn’t only excel in health and education, but also in women’s participation and political inclusion. Cuba also eliminated child malnutrition and no children sleep on the streets.

While the US cities were experiencing the scourge of homeless people, there were no homeless people in Cuba. Even in the 1990s during the hungry years of economic crisis, the Cubans did not starve, instead, they stuck with the planned economy and it enabled them to ration their scarce resources.

Last year, a study revealed that 553,742 people were homeless on a single night, a 0.7% increase over last 2016. It suggests that despite a fizzy stock market and a burgeoning gross domestic product, the poorest Americans are still struggling to meet their most basic needs.

Cuba’s health care is not only free but also readily available to the Cuban people. As usual, just how the foreign media never give credit to Africa as a great continent which resources have developed and shaped the economy of Europe and America, the same they have branded Cuba as an impoverished country but the fact is people are suffering in America more than Cuba.

Everyone wants to travel, even some white people want to visit and stay in Africa because they are white people, the media call them businessmen, but because Cubans are Latinos or Hispanics struggling to enter the US, the media call them hungry refugees.

During my school days in Ghana, I used to see behind a lot of commercial vehicles ‘Travel and See,’ since I arrived in Europe three decades ago, I have actually understood the meaning of this inscription.

Europe is an education that will open your eyes to know the truth and give you ample information about what is actually happening in the world, which only a small piece of information gets to Africa.