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Opinions of Sunday, 24 October 2021

Columnist: Joel Savage

Which African country is poised to become a superpower?

Flags of some African countries Flags of some African countries

The United States of America and Russia proved to be the only superpowers capable of influencing and dominating the world.

Many developing countries see that domination as a bully to increase their efforts for freedom. Thus; today, we have other powerful countries such as China, North Korea, Iran, etc.

However, it’s shocking that despite how huge and rich the African continent is, none of the countries is close to being a superpower, why?

We must first understand that being developed, doesn’t qualify a country to be a superpower.

Therefore, we can’t say because African countries are developing, the reason none is close to being a superpower, since there are several developed countries such as Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Britain, etc, that are not superpowers but have tremendous global power to impact the world.

The point we need to raise is which African country has what it takes to be a superpower if determined to do so like China? Is it Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, or Ivory Coast?

As a matter of fact, America wasn’t a superpower from the beginning, it is hard work that got them to this very position.

That means any African country can work hard to be a superpower but the problem is if the leaders can’t even enhance their own resources to develop the continent, the health sector, educational sector, and create jobs, how possible they could become a superpower?

Frankly speaking, no matter how rich Africa is even if any of its countries can be a superpower, the developed world, including the United States of America, wouldn’t permit that African country to pursue that goal.

Western Europe and the United States of America know the African continent has the potentials to develop its countries, into one of the strongest continents in the world, the reason they crippled the continent by slavery, colonial atrocities, Apartheid, and man-made diseases, apart from malaria.

The fact that any powerful African leader becomes a target on the radar of the United States of America, African leaders don’t dream big, they have perpetually become beggars, going around the world begging for loans and food, while they waste their own resources through incompetence and corruption.

The only powerful leader capable of creating an extraordinary country and continent was Muammar Kaddafi. The leader of the Libyan Revolution played a significant role in the Arab world and the African continent before he was brutally murdered.

To summarize this article, in my opinion, there is no African country capable of becoming a superpower despite the rich resources because the leaders and scientists lacked the ability to achieve that and if they can a country like the United States of America will never allow that to happen.