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Opinions of Thursday, 21 June 2012

Columnist: The Informer

Did Baako Steal Statement From Police?

Okyeame On The Beat

(Okyeame Wants To Know)

Folks: I indicated in my last write-up on my return for us to continue with our thought-provoking discussions as members of the revered scripture union; and to bring to light whatever the sun fails to throw out.
With Jehovah on my side, I’m back in full flight and only God knows what will happen in this short period before we go to polls, come December 07.
In fact, Jake Otanka Obetsebi-Lamptey and his NPP have a lot of questions to answer, or else, they should forget about the elections, since I cannot fold my arms for them to get away with their lies and vile propaganda.
Though the NPP is my main focus, I think it is equally important on my part to let elements within the NDC; particularly those who have made it a target to attack my personality as a result of my recently published article, knowing that they were fighting a losing battle.
Indeed, but for party unity, I would have crushed these elements to death, but so far as I have decided to let it go, they should go and sin no more.
Brethren, we have a lot to discuss but since today is our first meeting in a long time, permit me to narrow my discussion on the most pressing issues, not excluding some comments made by Mr. Malik Kwaku Baako.
Before I table the main discussion, let me first of all sound a word of caution to that poodle and epileptic patient of a journalist, Alhaji A. R. Gomda of Gina Blay’s Guide, knowing that he does not have what it takes to fight Okyeame let alone The Informer; so he better advise himself.
I decided not to respond to his (A. R. Gomda) silly editorial comment that he wrote to attack my good self and this paper, because, he does not merit my attention since he has refused to take care of his children, but often happy hanging with dirty girls around his Nima junction office.
Bring it on Alhaji; and we shall see who will be the loser. If you think I am not privy to the bizarre circumstances under which you were dismissed from the Ghana Armed Forces, then you must be deceiving yourself.
I have the full facts and if you dare me, you will quit journalism the day I will make this stinking dossier about you public: So you better don’t cross my path.
Now to Malik Kwaku Baako: He was heard boasting last Saturday on newsfile programme that he has in possession the full statement written by Consul Alfred Agbesi Woyome, when he was picked up by the police, and I wonder if he stole the said statement from the police or they deliberately gave it to him.
Perhaps, many of you did not hear him, but if you care to know, this chap went ahead to read the full statement on air, to show that he is the best journalist in Ghana, forgetting that he was being asinine.
I don’t begrudge Kwaku Baako at all; because, he was only showcasing his immaturity as a journalist and I will like each and every one of you to treat him like a child who was only happy to have had microphone in front of him.
Folks, what do you expect a baby under such circumstances to do? Obviously, he will say things without thinking of the repercussion. But my concern is how he got access to the statement, and until I am told who gave it to him, I will not rest my guns.
In fact, if it were to be within other jurisdictions Kwaku Baako should have been arrested by now; to tell the world how he laid hands on the police statement.
Those NPP moles at the A-G’s department could easily give out the statement, since they are all pursuing the same agenda; and I will not be surprised at all, if some notable names pop up.
My point is that, once Consul Woyome had handed over his statement to the police and Kwaku Baako was happy to have had it in his custody, I want to know if he stole it from the CID headquarters or what?