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Opinions of Saturday, 9 March 2013

Columnist: Abugri, Haruna S.

What does the virgin want in the labour ward?

We are at a particular area at a giving time due to the bare fact that we wants to achieve something. The farmer is in the farm for a reason, the doctor and all other professors alike. A virgin who is found in the labour ward is either a midwife or a patient relative but is this really my point? HMM?

In a poor country like Ghana where joblessness is now the other of the day, people especially the so called educated elites have turned POLITICS as a job but are always quick to say that they were rich before coming in to politics-meaning they are not in to politics to extort the scares resources of the country. These politicians come out each day to pollute the minds of the electorates but if the month ends, they are in their various banks waiting for their turn. Just recently, the salaries of our politicians were hiked from the presidency to the law making house which has now been turned in to a political power house. If truly our politicians want us to believe them, why don’t they work and at the end of the month give their monthly salaries to the many orphanages homes across the country. They are some politicians who started building nice houses months after taking office. Some of them who use to visit Accra once in a century have quickly manage to put up houses there and only visit their poor constituents during electioneering periods.

Our politicians could have done themselves good by telling their electorates that-they have some wealth but they want to go to parliament to use their {constituents} names and get more to add. I think that would have been O.k. SO are our politicians now “VIRGINS” in the labour ward as patients relatives or they are there to deliver. If they are there to deliver, then who impregnated them in the first place? Your guess is as good as mind.

Abugri sumaila haruna.