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Opinions of Sunday, 29 August 2021

Columnist: Essandoh Obidihyie Jonah

Ways by which cheating in the WASSCE examination can be stopped

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Wassce exams which are conducted every year for final year students in SHS is on their lowest knee.

It is self-explanatory that examination malpractice is gradually causing more than harm to the country and education as well.

Without a shred of equivocation, I would like to suggest ways by which cheating in the WASSCE exams can be stopped.

Firstly, Waec officials and examination officials must be vigilant. Invigilators who will be invigilating students during the cause of the exams should be vigilant and strict on all students. Students shouldn't be allowed to do anything contrary to the rules and regulations that govern the exams. Desisting from asking questions from his fellow friend, passing on foreign material to his friend or even writing a note for a friend, just to mention a few.

Most at times, WAEC officials who have been sent to the various schools to conduct the examination do take incentives such as money from students and school authorities and therefore allow students to cheat in the examination hall. Any WAEC officials who would be seen going wayward to the laws of the exams must be fined.

Secondly, Punishment for offenders to deter others. In the history of WAEC, the institutions have not been able to punish students who fall victim to examination malpractices in the conduct of WASSCE exams. If those who are caught in the act are been punished severely, it will be used as an example to all candidates. Even if possible, students who cheat on the exam papers must be cancelled instantly and I think this will put fear in others not to fall victims.

Thirdly, Provision of CCTV camera's in each hall before the start of the examination and candidates must be thoroughly searched before they sit for the exams. The searching of students during the WASSCE exams sometimes is not all that serious.WAEC officials must bring out suspected candidates and search them again even during the time the examination is going on, because students may go out and later bring foreign material to the hall.

Last But Not Least, Parents should be advised against buying suspected papers for their wards. Families especially the wealthy sometimes buy questions called 'apor' from WAEC officials. And my question is how do they get access to these exams papers? This has been the eve of examination malpractices in the WASSCE exams and has become a problem for the institution to bring out students with 'apor' so I would want to use this forum to tell all parents to desist from buying suspected papers for their final year children but rather they should encourage them to 'burn the candle' so that the end they can come out with from the hall with joy.

In conclusion, I would encourage all teachers to teach their students very well and let the best come out of them before they sit for their final exams.

Students are also to learn hard to understand anything that would be taught by their teachers.

I know with the above points raised is taken into consideration, cheating in the WASSCE exams would stop.