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Opinions of Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Columnist: Frimpong Manso

The role of the youth in education and why they must be heard!

The writer says the youth can make the nation proud The writer says the youth can make the nation proud

An American motivational speaker, Denis Waitley, once said, “There are two primary choices in life; (1) to accept conditions as they exit and (2) to accept responsibility of changing them. Now, if you accept the initial, you then settle to be a passive being, which is evil. If you accept the later, then you are in for action.

Of course, there are possibilities for failure and Nelson Mandela admonishes that the greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time you fall, and I totally agree with Mandela. According to Zig Ziglar, “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive of what could go right.” These are two things to consider.

Do you want to be the passive being; accepting the status quo or you want to accept the responsibility in shaping the status quo? Well I challenge you to embrace the later.

The world, and for that matter Ghana, is full of young people and let me emphasize that, for statistical purpose, the United Nation in (2011) defines youth as individuals between the ages of 15 and 24. Reference from Population facts: youth population trends and sustainable development in 2015 captures, there were 1.2 billion youth aged 15 – 24 years globally.

The fact is this, in Africa, the population of youth is growing rapidly. About 226 million youth aged 15 – 24 lived in Africa accounting for 19 percent of the global youth population. By 2030, it is projected that the population of youth in Africa will increase by 42 percent.

According to the World Factbook – Central Intelligence Agency, Ghana has a young age structure, with approximately 57% of the population under the age of 25.

The Okaikoi Youth forms part of this percentage but what has been our service to the constituency to prove ourselves capable of leadership or as worthy Constituents.

Today, there is the Vigilantism and Related Offences Act, 2019 banning Vigilantism in Ghana: but if still there are such faceless agenda-pushers in our community, shall we the Youth stand the test of time, or be swept away by the current of vigilantism? There is nothing wrong projecting your party but let us do that in harmony.

What can we do as Youth? I promise on my honor to be faithful and loyal to Ghana my motherland. Are we being faithful when we take over pedestrian walk ways and turn them into markets?

Is this how we pay loyalty to our motherland when we illegally carry ballot boxes? Do we hold our country in high esteem when we wake up and all we hear is profane communication on the media and keep mute thereon?

As Okaikoi Youth Parliament, what are some of the motions you debate on. Are they for improvement/ development of the Youth or they are just for fun?

To the best of my recollections, in one of my presentations, I stated that, there are forces that drive the economy of each country and the Youth is a force to reckon with in that regard. That is one of the reasons why the saying goes that, “The Youth is a great asset to every country. However, what have we to prove?

Take a close look at our inner Cities/Towns and I guess you would not miss the following: (1) Filth (as a result of indiscriminate littering/dumping of refuse), (2) Disobedience to traffic regulations by road users, (3) Turning of pedestrian walk ways into markets, (4) Electoral violence/offences.

Our Nation needs the youth to resolve most of her problems, and we believe that the youth are capable of helping solve them. Like Jack Ma’s view, “Young people are the solutions for tomorrow; the Young people are the solution for all the worries - if you stay with them, you will be full of energy.

On 11th May 2020, a Non-for-Profit Youth Organization in Nepal organized a National webinar on the topic “Role of the Youth in Achieving SDGs”. During the webinar, Mr. Sudip Aryal, Head of field officer at UNDP-Nepal encourage the Youth to participate in the planning and policy-making process of all aspect to ensure concerns of Youth are also incorporated in the policies.

Listen to this, at the webinar, Ms Binita Karki, Youth Program Officer at UNDP-Nepal reiterate on Youth issues like Youth & Employment, Youth & Migration, Youth & Participation, Youth & Peacebuilding and Youth & Resilience. That is why ‘Youth for Education’ must be heard.

Regardless of what you have heard before, the vision of our country lies in the hands of the Youth and it will be a great loss of human resource if the youth are not given the space to exercise their God-given talents. This beautiful land of ours needs the Youth in order for our toil to become a brighter one. The intelligence & work of the Youth will take our country on the pathway of success.

The ‘Youth for Education’ primary role is to champion good education of the Youth in order to become responsible citizens for tomorrow. We must believe the youthful age is an age of dreams, discovery, and unity.

Sexism & Racism is an ongoing tassel around the world. Discrimination among ethnic groups hence ethnocentrism. Individuals are fighting against each other because of different political ideologies. Region is another issue; we the youth can convince our fellow men to live in peace & love.

We all are one and we should not compromise on these little differences to sway us apart from each other. Are we paying back the big Six, George Alfred Grant with chaos? We didn’t meet these personalities but we mention their name because of their sacrifices they made.

What legacy are living by, how do you want people to remind you when your name is been mentioned. If we sit idea and put up a passive act, our children in future would question us that where were we when our resources were misused, where were we when our leaders where passing out these policies, questions that we might not be able to answer and they will blame us.

We are optimistic that the youth have influence on their fellow young people and that is why the Youth for Education must be heard give an opportunity to expose our traits to the world and make the youth populace into some honorable folks.

Whilst life has been gifted to us by our maker, there is a better tomorrow ahead of all the young people, there is still a chance to print our foot & and shake the status quo making positive legacy in quest of time. With the can-do spirit, let strive to be the best always in any sphere of where and how life treat us. Let's make a remarkable history, a history that the next generation would always wish to observed.

We can make our nation proud. We can make a flourishing Ghana.

It is no single doubt that, we have aspiring Accountants, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, Doctors, Scientist and who knows, we have the next Kofi Anna, Kwame Nkrumah, Jerry John Rawlings, John Agyekum Kuffour, the spirit of Nelson Mandela, Professor Lumumba and the likes.

The youth for Education believes the stronger the youth, the more developed the nation is. Why do we people aspire a living in areas like East Legon, Tarasco, are we different from those people living there? Your answer is good as me.

We are fighters, fighting for an identity in society, equality, accessibility, poverty and other necessities of what the world faces.

We cannot make do without the young people of the country. Let me repeat that again, we cannot make do without the youth of the country and for this the Youth for Education calls onto all young folks whom are challenged to join us hand in hand to make a joint effort for a positive impact.

To the youth, now is not the time to blame our parent for their misfortune. Yes, they invited us to this world. They owe us nothing. They probably might have done the best they know how to do. If we think their best is not enough, youth then let get out and make the life we want.

In ending my remarks, let me leave you with one thought that I hope will be with you well beyond this season and it in the Holy Scriptures, the book of Acts chapter 5:6, just a phrase; AND THE YOUNG MEN AROSE. Arise to going forward to change the status quo, the nation and the world at large.

Arise to change the stereotypes. Arise to change the negative perception about the young people, arise and write letters to the assembly for sponsorship and other equipment to educate the people on sanitation.

Arise and write letters to the assembly to fix CCTV on our streets to arrest others that break the rules of the traffic lights to sever as detriment to others arise and make our nation great and strong.

Aluta Continua till the youth for education are heard!!

We have a dream.

Together the youth for education believes we have a dream….