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Opinions of Friday, 20 May 2022

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi

The lynching of Deborah Samuel in Sokoto, Nigeria - Part 1

Deborah Samuel Deborah Samuel

In no way does lynching or mobbing any person make it lawful no matter the argument or consideration. Killing a human being does not represent Islam, not even remotely.

Quran stipulates categorically that whosoever kills a soul other than punishment for killing another soul or for gross moral corruption (we’ll come to that in another lecture), it is as if he has killed all of mankind, and whoever saves one, it is as if he has saved all of mankind.”

And when the Prophet and Messenger of ALLAH, Mohammed (pbuh), conquered Mecca after he was banished from there by the pagans, he asked them, “what do you think Mohammed is going to do to you?” They replied, “a kind brother son of a kind brother!” Then he released them to go free despite their gross atrocities against Islam!

There is no Muslim who insults Jesus Christ (pbuh). You cannot be a Muslim if you do not believe in the prophets and messengers of ALLAH, like Jesus, Moses, Ishmael, Lot, Ibrahim, Job, Solomon, David, Noah, etc etc. In fact, Islam is the only religion that makes it an article of faith to believe in Jesus Christ and the other Messengers of ALLAH (watch Dr. Zakir Naik on youtube).

However, as in every religion, there are principles that can cause nations to go to war. For example, a non-Muslim cannot enter the mosque with their shoes on. People of other faiths push their luck a bit more than they can handle and when they are denied entry into the mosque, it becomes an opportunity to slander Islam. When Muslims object, all sorts of insinuations are made.

The death of Deborah Samuel, tragic as it was, was the result of rage that ignited after insulting the Messenger of ALLAH, Mohammed (pbuh). Muslims revere him so much that they love him more than their mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, and children. That is how passionately Muslims love him.

To insult him on social media and walk the streets of Sokoto chest out challenging the status quo was akin to walking in a lion’s den with a bowl of boiled cassava. That would enrage the lion as he watches your sumptuous body! The lion is killed if it attacks the human being, but what did the human being have to do in the lion’s den anyway, not to mention taunting it with boiled cassava?

Again, it is against the teachings of Islam to kill anyone, who has not committed murder or moral corruption, and even that, the sentence would have to be decreed by a court. At some point in time as the Messenger of ALLAH, Mohammed (pbuh) walked in a valley preaching the word, he was stoned by the pagans of the area.

An angel descended and told him to just wish their death and he would flatten the mountains on them. Mohammed (pbuh) declined with mercy list of their seed is born a Muslim one day! That is how merciful Islam is.

Some years ago in Kumasi, a Christian preacher would come to Adum and scream blasphemy in the face of Muslims who thronged that area to do commerce. After a few warnings over a period, he refused to go away. Eventually, he was beaten up and sacked.

He never returned! Why allow this situation? What do they gain for trying such excesses on Islam? The tongue twisters that bleat like a constipated goat, yet when a Mosque calls for prayer, they begin to grumble, cuss and curse! What sort of evil is that?

All the mosque shootings and killings of innocent Muslims by western non-Muslims have been treated with the “silence of the lambs” attitude. All the atrocities perpetrated by the criminal Israelis against unarmed Palestinians and the confiscation of lands and homes have been turned a blind eye to, but as soon as the war in Ukraine begun, it attracted massive condemnations and alliances.

In as much as we condemn the lynching of Deborah Samuel and the Ukrainian war, we also condemn the atrocities against Muslims all over the world. Do not forget the Rohingya and Chinese Muslims who have been confined to concentration camps like Nazi setups.

We always advocate the proliferation of peace the world over because Islam means “PEACE”, and it is “PEACE”! Deborah Samuel, blatantly and cheekily, incited the Muslims in their own ghettos by insulting the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), and if in the name of freedom, she thought she could go scot-free, her audacity failed her because the passionate Muslim youth would never let it pass. Let us say she brought it upon herself.

Have we soon forgotten the comic caricatures printed in the European papers against Islam and the Messenger of ALLAH (pbuh)? Did any of the loudmouths calling for justice for Deborah say anything? When the author of the comics was earmarked for death, the whole world went to his defense.

The Qur’an was burnt repetitively in Sweden by a Christian extremist, but we did not hear anyone condemn him! That is selective justice and religious bigotry! Can you walk the streets of India or Myanmar and insult Hinduism or Budhism? You probably would be skinned alive like they are doing to Muslims that you all have turned a blind eye to.

Besides, the peaceful protest in Sokoto turned violent was not for the purpose of seeking Western justice for Deborah the aggressor, but for the release of suspects arrested in the wake of the brouhaha! We are so stupid in Africa as to let the Western game-changers pull the strings to create chaos using hateful speech and betrayers from within. Let us call a spade a spade!

Why do we transgress over each other’s inalienable right to worship GOD in peace and harmony? Say no to Deborah Samuel's type of religious hypocrisy and disrespect!

Her lynching was wrong, yes, but never walk into a den of lions with cassava thinking that it would not make a meal out of you! And that is what she did! I will stop just short of saying that she deserved it. May GOD have Mercy upon us!