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Opinions of Monday, 20 June 2022

Columnist: Prince Hasevi

The irony of our politics

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There is a saying, that tags politics as a "dirty game" or the most dishonest business ever exist on the planet earth. Initially, repelled holy loving citizens who taught their ladder to heaven will be broken, if they engage in it. But the web created by its outcome mostly becomes albatross of the system in which they live and their necks cannot escape its noose.

It stretches across every hemisphere of our lives from security, food, life, and death, water; let us say from cradle to death activities and if possible, when we can say it provides us with air that we breathe.

The indispensability of politics has been seen through generations and centuries, it has become local and global means to achieve certain goals whether humane or destructive to humanity and the environment.

Countries and provinces strike agreements through this machinery called diplomacy which occurred through political embracement. Its main mission is to create some hierarchy of organisational or institutional structures of leadership for decision making to achieve some objectives of that system and yield dividends of life improvement of beneficiaries.

The dirtiness is revealed based on the principles of the group engaged in it and the internal hierarchical structure and the goals whether for selfish gains or selfless gains, by their fruits we should know them.

Unfortunately, for our country and its same ranking counterparts have strong external forces using the structures as conduits to achieve their mission of survival at the expense of indigenous people of these countries, through wetting palms and filling of stomachs of the supposed defenders, if not protectors.

The irony of our nation is that we want to build a cathedral for God through the services and beliefs of his people but turned around to encourage what they see as an abomination or anathema to their faiths.

Politics is dirty or filthy only with dirty or filthy minds but clean with clean minds. When rains descend mightily, its cleanliness has two options whether to remain or change based on the recipients or the receiving vessels.