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Opinions of Monday, 27 May 2019

Columnist: Daily Guide Network

The hallucinating dead - goat is on the loose!

Much water has passed under the bridge since President Ogwanfunu’s shocking and humiliating defeat received at the hands of then Candidate Nana Dee. We all saw how Candidate Nana Dee gave President Ogwanfunu devastating punches, which sent him crushing to the canvass. He left the electoral ring with a battered face and an uninspiring mouth-twisting ‘e dey be keke’.

One can liken the Ogwanfunu-Nana Dee contest to the first Dogboe-Navarrete fight. With no intention to lampoon Dogboe, we all saw how Navarrete gave him a very sound beating. Champion Dogboe was practically clueless as he received devastating punches, which ended up disfiguring his face.

Though Dogboe and his father, who doubled as his trainer, accepted defeat, they gave the excuse that Dogboe underrated his opponent. A very defiant Dogboe insisted that a better preparation could guarantee him a win in the second fight. With an uninspiring ‘NEHO’ chant, he left the ring with a puffy face hoping for a successful comeback in the second fight.

I watched the fight over and over again to convince myself that indeed Isaac Dogboe had underrated his Mexican opponent. But the more I reviewed the fight, the more I realized that Dogboe would regret if he went for a return fight.

The much anticipated and much-talked-about rematch took place some five months later. While Dogboe tried to inspire hope in his compatriots, many were those who knew the outcome wasn’t going to be any different from the first.

We all saw the outcome, didn’t we? Unlike the first, Dogboe could not finish the fight as he was beaten courtesy of a technical knockout (TKO). The defiant ‘NEHO’ chanter was once again on the losing end.

A similar scenario is being played out in the Ogwanfunu-Nana Dee contest. After receiving a merciless beating at the hands of Candidate Nana Dee, President Ogwanfunu resorted to drinking the infamous Onaapo Bitters to aid the healing process.

Indeed, the bitters worked wonders. We saw how the potion helped the puffy-looking Ogwanfunu to lose weight, thereby helping in his speedy recovery.

But the potion has one side effect. It also serves as a hallucinogen, thereby making users hallucinate and giving them a phantom feeling. In the case of President Ogwanfunu, it has kept him in a state of denial as he is yet to come to terms with his embarrassing 2016 defeat.

It is therefore not surprising that he is desperately trying to put the cause of his defeat at the doorstep of the Electoral Commission. He is desperately trying to ride on the back of the irresponsible hacking comments by Referee Charlotte Osei to discredit the 2016 polls.

But we know better. We know better because we know very well that electronic transmission of results was not the main mode used for the 2016 polls. The mode used was the manual transmission system. So, unless a person is under the influence of a hallucinogen, it makes no sense talking about hacking a manual transmission system.

Abusuapanin, I clearly understand President Ogwanfunu. The man is hallucinating and also desperate for power. For sure, it is only such a combination that would make a person of President Ogwanfunu’s calibre blame his 2016 defeat on a non-existent electronic election transmission system. And those unaware of his desperation and hallucinogenic condition are wondering if the frivolous excuse is only a prediction of his impending loss at the 2020 polls.

Just like the first Dogboe-Navarrete fight, I’ve reviewed the Ogwanfunu-Nana Dee fight carefully and one thing is obvious. A rematch will not yield any different outcome.

But a defiant Ogwanfunu sees things differently. He is dreaming of winning the rematch against the new champion, President Nana Dee. Dreaming is no crime so he can continue dreaming. Barring complacency or fatal mistake, I expect the results of the 2020 rematch not to be any different from the 2016 one.

If the Dogboe-Navarrete rematch is anything to go by, then I expect a TKO in the Ogwanfunu-Nana Dee rematch as well. I doubt if the hallucinating Dead-Goat will agree with me. But time will definitely tell who is right!

See you next week for another interesting konkonsa, Deo volente!