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Opinions of Saturday, 26 February 2022

Columnist: Nana Akwah

The destruction of Africa - 137 years of mix and missed identity

The map of Africa The map of Africa

Today is exactly 137 years that preceded the balkanization or the destruction of our continent. On 26 February 1885 in Berlin, at end of Berlin Conference, the “Communique” did great damage; the fragmentation or disintegration of our Continent was issued.

The Berlin Conference was what started the era we all know and abhor: Imperialism!


Held by then Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck, various European heads of state converged to decide how exactly they were to divide the continent of Africa.

The problem here was that they didn't consider the tribes that already inhabited the continent (because why would they?), which caused internal conflicts within colonies, for some tribes were split while others were joined with their enemies.

Apart from that, the also influx of Europeans influenced the languages spoken by the people. Many native languages have decreased sharply, because of their previous English and French conquerors, along with the southern Portuguese speakers and scattered German, Spanish, and Afrikaans (Dutch mixed with African native languages and English).

The other main problem, (apart from abusing and exploiting the continent for years and leaving us without the resources necessary to pull the Continent together), was that European affairs really affected the German territories, as the German-speaking natives, were given to England and France after WWI, which led to the replacement of languages and more conflicts.

The disservice and evil associated have left Africa with pain. Nothing positive came from balkanization, (nothing for Africa, any way except antagonism), nevertheless, it was indeed an interesting and unique point in history and one that as Africans should be studied thoroughly to make sure that doesn't occur again.