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Opinions of Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Columnist: Joseph Nikpe

The blatant non-recognition of Konkombas in the North-East region by the Akufo-Addo-Bawumia gov't

The North-East region is a multi-ethnic region with the Mamprusis and Konkombas as the largest groups. The region is made up of six administrative areas namely West Mamprusi Municipal, East Mamprusi Municipal, Maprugu Moaduri District, Bunkprugu-Nankpanduri District, Yunyoo-Nasuan District, and Chereponi District.

The recent Ghana Statistical Service 2021 PHC provisional results indicate the region’s total population is 658,903.

The Konkombas cover four districts with conservative percentage estimates as follows: YunyooNasuan district (75-80%), Chereponi district (40-50%), East Mamprusi Municipal (30-40%) BunkpurunguNakpanduri district (10-20%) with an average for the four districts within 39-48%.

It is against this background that Konkombas in the North-East Region of Ghana take serious exceptions to the deliberate and surreptitious action of the Akufo-Addo and Bawumia government not to recognize them and their role in the region with the nomination of MMDCEs.

It is curious to note that out of the six nominees, three (3) are Mamprusis, two (2) Bimobas, and one (1) a Chekosis without a Konkomba.

The Konkombas in the region further see this inordinate and unfair disregard by President Akufo-Addo and Vice President Bawumia whose government historically spent some nine months to decide on MMDCEs on claims of ensuring fairness, inclusivity, and balance to all groups namely youth, gender, ethnicity among others not to be factual at least for the North-East region.

For instance, based on balance and ethnicity claims, the Yunyoo-Nasuan and Chereponi districts’ nominations clearly contradict each other.

If the claim that a Konkomba cannot be an MP and a DCE for the Yunyoo-Nasuan district because of ethnic balance, how come when it came to Chereponi both the MP and DCE nominee are Chekosis?

What was the reason to neglect Konkombas in the region? Is the strange exclusion of Konkkombas in the nomination a confirmation of a preposterous claim that Konkombas do not vote for the NPP?

Well, whatever the answers may be, Konkombas in the North-East region appreciate politics for what it is, “a game of numbers” and cause this press release to be made with the following immediate-to-medium term measures:

1. That as citizens we were invited to be, Konkombas would not look on in the face of this absolute disrespect to their collective identity and want to indicate in the strongest terms that they do not take it lightly even as they are extremely reluctant to toe the violent protest as witnessed across parts of the region and nation.

2. That Konkombas within the region would embark on a combination of civil protest and positive defiance in three of the four districts where they are largely living thus, Yunyoo-Nasuan, Chereponi, and East Mamprusi to press home their demands for recognition.

3. That any failure on the part of the government to do that which right and fair, Konkombas in the region will take steps to ensure NO LOCAL GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL GOES TO COLLECT REVENUE FROM ANY KONKOMBA COMMUNITY MARKET IN THE REGION

4. That the Konkombas in the North-East region understand there is nothing at stake for the government. However, they (Konkombas) do take cognizance of the actions of the Akufo-Addo and Bawumia government today and would at an appropriate time and in equal measure take their own actions when it matters most for the North-East region.

5. Finally, we entreat all Konkombas in the region to remain calm and continue with their lawful duties.

For and on behalf of Kikpakpang interest and future course of Konkombas in the North-East region.