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Opinions of Monday, 14 March 2022

Columnist: Anthony Obeng Afrane

The NPP is in a big trouble

Flag of New Patriotic Party Flag of New Patriotic Party

Kikikikikiki, filla no get legs ibi okro mouth dey carry am. I have already told you that anytime I start my write-up with "kikikikikiki" it means matter dey; hmmm, filla dey paa. Before I tell you what the filla is, permit me to tell you one of my favourite stories. I have used it over and over, but I still think it's relevant to this story.

Somewhere in the '70s, there was a popular highlife tune by AB Crentsil called "Atia". I must say "Atia" is indisputably an all-time hit. The lyrics of the song made fun of our brothers and sisters from the north. AB Crentsil in the song, narrated the story of a young man by name, Atia who travelled from Bolga to Kumasi to seek greener pastures, instead of him sticking to dog meat and pito which are favourites of our friends from the north, drank apketeshie to death.

The people of the north were irked by AB's song and decided to teach him some lessons. AB was on a nationwide musical tour, and the people of Bolga waited patiently till it got to their turn, and the organisers had a windfall - the Catering Rest House where the event took place was fully packed. Uncle AB played songs upon songs without playing "Atia" because an informant had hinted to him that the people had planned to beat him up if he played that tune.

The show was coming to an end and still "Atia" had not been played. AB handed his microphone over to one of his boys to continue with the show while he took a rest backstage. An angry youth approached him and whispered to him in imperfect twi, "AB, whether you play Atia or not, ye be fii wo."

Not too long ago, at Fomena in the Ashanti Region, angry NPP supporters painted their party office with NDC colours and decorated it with posters of former President John Mahama, the 2020 flag-bearer of the NDC.

Around the same time, Hon. Samuel Atta Akyea's constituents chase him out of town over failed promises.

At Ejisu, supporters of the NPP were up in arms against their MP, Hon. John Kumah

Hon. Gifty Ohene-Konadu the Member of Parliament for Asante-Akim South constituency of the Ashanti Region had her fair share. She was hooted at.

Within the same week, Subin's NPP office was locked up by irate members of the party. They cited unfairness in polling station elections.

It is also alleged by some aggrieved members of the NPP that polling station elections in some constituencies secretly took place as early as 4 a.m.

What makes it very serious is that the fire is burning from the bottom (grassroots) not the top(Kwame Pianims, Nyaho Tamakloes, Afokos, Crabbes), etc.

It will be interesting to note that most of these problems are emanating from the Ashanti Region which is NPP's stronghold. As I was wondering how this inferno at the grassroots could be extinguished, one of the aggrieved party activists whispered to me that it is the turn of Allan to lead their party, and anything short of that will escalate the fire. I said, chai, ayeka!

I spoke to some NPP members from the North and the Zongos and they told me that, no Bawu, no vote in 2024. I said, Aba Kade!

As it stands now, I see the NPP in a similar quagmire as AB Crentsil, whether Allan or Bawu is presented as the flag-bearer for the 2024 presidential election, yebe fii NPP.