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Opinions of Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Columnist: Joel Savage

Taking the sick in a wheelbarrow to a medical centre, yet African leaders want to be respected

The writer says transporting a sick person in a wheelbarrow throws dust on Africans as non-humans The writer says transporting a sick person in a wheelbarrow throws dust on Africans as non-humans

Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man who is sick has no ambulance to transport him to the hospital in Africa. It is the wheelbarrow that does the job, what an embarrassment?

What do Europeans and Americans think about Africa if they see such inhuman images knowing that in their countries they have ambulances for animals, such as cats and dogs?

Frankly speaking, transporting a sick person in a wheelbarrow throws dust on Africans as non-human beings.

In all the African countries, including Ghana, since it’s the government’s priority to provide a better health system to sustain the weak and fragile ones already in the cities, the essence of providing rural areas better health facilities has been ignored.

This is one of the reasons many rural areas in Africa lack health posts and sick villagers have to travel to far places to seek medical treatment.

There are so many rural areas in Ghana without electricity, yet these rural dwellers play a significant role in the agricultural sector in the country.

Many trained healthcare workers are unemployed because all of them live in the big cities, which clinics and hospitals are already full of workers.

Yet it’s not an important issue to many African leaders to provide health facilities in rural areas, in order to give employment to thousands of unemployed nurses living in the cities.

It is obvious that many nurses wouldn’t be interested to work in rural areas due to the bad roads and poor living conditions.

However, if the government could provide electricity and a good source of drinking water, many will be interested to work in the rural areas.

This is something the Ghanaian government will not do because they hate challenges and costly projects, even though half of the money for the projects will end up in their pockets.

Access to health care is recognized as a fundamental human right globally, therefore, rural dwellers deserve a better healthcare system like the urban.

Running from such challenges because of corruption, can never create a good country or solved the unemployment crisis.

Africa is not a poor continent, taking its vast resources into consideration; therefore, Ghana isn’t poor either but most of the politicians are dishonest and lacked integrity.

They join politics to amass wealth, then after, continually deceive the people that they are fighting against corruption.

In a country that recently, firefighters arrived at the scene of a fire outbreak in a taxi, ready to extinguish the fire; many sick people will be wheeled to the hospital in a wheelbarrow in both the cities and rural areas.

This is a disgrace to the black race; therefore, if African leaders want to be respected by the developed world, they must do something about it because the continent has what it takes to make life better for the common people.