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Crime & Punishment of Sunday, 5 May 2019


Suspected killer of pregnant woman lynched

Suspected killer of a seven months old pregnant woman has died after being beaten to pulp by angry residents.

This unfortunate incident occurred at Mromura, a farming community at Asante Akyem South district of the Ashanti region Sunday.

The deceased whose name was given as Alima did not return home after going to the farm Friday.

A search party dispatched by the chief in the area spent two days before hey found her body dismembered in the bush.

When news about her death went viral in the town, the youth in the area mounted a manhunt leading to the arrest of a man suspected to be mentally derailed.

Upon interrogation, he confessed to have chewed human meat and also lead them to where he buried the pregnant woman.

A resident who spoke to Adom News said they dragged the suspect to the chief palace to prevent the youth from lynching him.

‘When the youth went to the scene, they saw a sack with somebody parts suspected to be that of the deceased” he stated in Twi.

But he said luck eluded the suspect when the police delayed in coming.

“The angry youth who volunteered to take him to the police rather lynched him” he stated in Twi.

He bemoaned how the police has neglected the town and they are now at the mercy of criminals.

He warned such instant justice will continue of government fail to provide them with a police station.