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Opinions of Thursday, 20 January 2022

Columnist: Japhet Festus Gbede

Stripping off security covers won't fix your bad economy-Akamba

NDC to provide internal security for Bagbin NDC to provide internal security for Bagbin

The Office of the National Organizer of the National Democratic Congress, NDC has condemned the withdrawal of four military officers stationed to offer protection to the leader of the legislature.

Reacting to the news, the National Organizer of the National Democratic Congress, Joshua Hamidu Akamba bemoaned that all attempts by the government of Nana Addo to strip the Speaker of security protection because he was against the LGBTQ+ and E- Levy is unconstitutional and a threat to the security of the state.

The known strategic National Organizer of the NDC, comrade Joshua Hamidu Akamba who warned the government to reinstate the security personnel assigned to protect the right Honourable speaker professed that the National Democratic Congress in the coming days will consider empowering the internal party security to protect the leader of the 8th parliament if the government fails to bring back the military personnel.

A letter dated 11 January and signed by the Chief of Staff of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) Major General N. P. Andoh said four military men had been deployed as part of the security of the Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin without proper procedure.

It is harshly requested that the personnel is withdrawn with effect from January 14, 2022, while efforts are made to regularise their attachment,” the letter stated.

However, the decision by the military hierarchy has exasperated the National Democratic Congress as a party and millions of Ghanaians.

This has made the angry National Organizer of the opposition NDC add that, the economic conditions of the Ghanaian people are deteriorating in alarming proportions and citizens cannot pay hospital bills, citizens cannot pay light bills, citizens cannot pay water bills and above all citizens cannot pay for their Ward's school fees, drivers cannot survive the hardship, teachers, and nurses cannot survive it yet the only thing the government can think of is stripping off security covers on the speaker.

Indeed, citizens are helpless and hopeless in hands of this Nana-Bawumia led government, He added.

The National Democratic Congress will be forced to have the power to provide for calling forth their internal security crew to protect the 1992 constitution of Ghana and the speaker of the 8th Parliament to suppress the planned insurrections and repel invasions against the right honorable speaker, Alban Bagbin, the furious National Organizer of the NDC stated.