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Opinions of Sunday, 20 February 2022

Columnist: Akwasi Tano

Stop insulting and embarrassing our MP in public all the time

MP, Bibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai Constituency, Alfred Obeng-Boateng MP, Bibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai Constituency, Alfred Obeng-Boateng

According to the people of Bibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai Constituency, the very day that Hon. Alfred Obeng-Boateng who is the current MP of the area decided to contest the former MP who happens to be the nephew of the Omanhene of Sefwi Anhwiaso Traditional Area, Ogyeahoho Yaw Gyebi II and now the President of the National House of Chiefs; Ogyeahoho had expressed gross hatred and dislike for Hon. Alfred Obeng-Boateng to the extent that he always wants to disgrace and embarrass the Hon. MP in any public gathering that the two would meet.

However, the residents of the area said enough is enough and they will not sit aloof for such inhumane treatment against their cherished, philanthropic, humble and gentle MP to continue.

According to them Ogyeahoho did the same thing to the MP at Movenpick Hotel, Accra when they met Kinross Chirano Gold Mines and nobody reacted to his attack on the MP and a few months to 2020 general election, he said worst about the then candidate Alfred Obeng-Boateng at his Palace and was ignored.

The one that has necessitated the anger happened on the 14th day of February 2022 at Bibiani during a public forum that attracted Traditional Rulers and their subjects from Sankore Traditional Area in the Ahafo Region, Nkawie Traditional Area in the Ashanti Region and Sefwi Anhwiaso Traditional Area in the Western North Region as part of the EPA's procedure to grant a permit to Mensin Gold Mining (Bibiani) Ltd.

The desire of the people in the constituency is that the good people of Ghana and beyond should listen to the decent and harmless speech from the Hon. Member of Parliament during the gathering and the piercing, needless insults and personal attacks the Omanhene heaped on the MP immediately after the MP's speech.

What the people present at the gathering were discussing after Ogyeahoho's personal attack on the MP was that if this Paramount Chief is a member of Council of State and part of those who advise the President of the Republic of Ghana, then our dear nation has a long way to go.

The other issue that was also discussed among the gathering was that on what basis did the Paramount Chiefs in Ghana elect this person as their President because ordinary Odikro would not be expected to behave in public this way let alone a whole National House of Chiefs President. According to the people in Bibiani and those who were present at the gathering, Ogyeahoho thought he was disgracing and embarassing the MP in public but he had rather exposed his envious and greedy nature who does not want any body from the area to prosper apart from his own family members.

Another discussion in the constituency is that Ogyeahoho Yaw Gyebi II is on GNPC board and he is the board chairman of GNPC foundation. Appointments he got under the ruling NPP government so assuming NPP MP had even offended you, is that the way to attack him with the aim to make him look bad before the constituents in order to lose his next election? At least can't he (Ogyeahoho) be grateful to the party for all the benefits he had received from the very party since 2017.