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Opinions of Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Columnist: Abdul Rahman Odoi

Stay true to yourself; No pain, no gain

The author believes we must strive strenuously but with caution, and our comfort zone would be built The author believes we must strive strenuously but with caution, and our comfort zone would be built

We had great dreams, in the days when we were young. Even to the extent that we deemed piloting, engineering, and medical practice were the most honorable choices. The thought of those dreams alone brought unceasing joy to our souls. But look at us today. Just look how unsteady most of us have allowed our lousiness to render those healthy dreams to naught.

The truth is, there are no magical powers on this earth that could forcibly migrate us straight from elementary school to the profession we want to uptake, if not pursuing education or trade with enthusiasm. Similarly, we would never get it that easily, if we want to be seen so great like Osei Kwame Despite or Aliko Dangote without preparing to suffer for it.

That notwithstanding, they were from zero to hero. So they all have stories. Stories that wouldn't be comforting but dumbfounding to the hands that want to be idle. Before they rose to such levels, they made sacrifices. Sacrifices that demand no animal slaughtering, but killing one's ego to meet his goals.

One that demands no blood, but human sweat. It demands no power, but the greatness of using one's mind to effect the change he yearns for. One that calls for nothing, but pains. And after it, all come to the ultimate price - gains.

This is the time that we must strive strenuously as able men, but with caution, and our comfort zone would be built. That said, it must be met by clinging to the law of nature and God's decree. In hindsight, you must ensure that your hands are washed in "clean waters" before it puts anything into your pocket or mouth.

If you're to show your temerity, let it be seen in how often you subdue and conquer all challenging tasks put before you. Never lay low for being a man whose integrity is soiled because of his upkeep. Before you gain, you ought to feel the pain. All these would afford you the earthly paradise you've always desired.

Being able to stay disciplined towards these parameters would enrich your hustle on this earth. After God, your achievement is going to be the source of happiness, anytime your name is mentioned. The difficult times it took you to have garnered this reputation is never played with. Affording to go haywire is the last option. Because when you fall everything else falls. So nobody determines the time for you to laugh or cry, because you own thyself.

But if you flee from the difficulties of the goals you have had, in order to saunter around, and then expect to reap what you've never sown, you would end up being a liability to the human race.

So you there, do you still want to be accorded as such? How would you feel when you're at the bottom of the strata? How would you feel when you see other people leaving the dream you had once dreamt? How is the feeling like when you always have to eat as a result of tapping onto someone's shoulder? Is it so cool for you to cheat others to enrich yourself? Don't you feel your skills aren't exploited that much? Don't you feel unsecured that you can't certainly think? Are decisions are always made for you to follow?

This is enough to upgrade the computerized man that our stone-aged men lived in these nuggets of life. Although we considered them as savage, their days have depicted that they were more knowledgeable than us, even though technology has brought sense onto our very doorsteps.

They were so assured that before they cook, they needed to learn how to light a fire. That is why, for them, they understood clearly that, Rome wasn't built in a day, but in every minute bricks were laid. And they lived by those terms - no bribery, no corruption, and no fraud, but accountability and hard work were the beacons of their struggle. So "No Pain, No Gain".

This saying of Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] beautifully sums my message. He says, “No one has ever eaten a better meal than that which one has earned by working with one's own hands."