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General News of Sunday, 11 June 2017


State must cater for Barbara Mahama and sons - Kweku Baako

Editor-in-chief of the New Crusading Guide, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako has reiterated the need for the state to properly cater for widow of the late Major Maxwell Adam Mahama and her two kids.

He commended government for its efforts in dealing with the issue so far but said catering for Barbara Mahama and her two sons by the state is not negotiable.

While observing that others claimed some persons suffered same and as a result their families also deserve such benefits, he said there is a way such propositions should be put across indicating that he gets worried when people make such comments to appear as though government is discriminating.

“The state must cater for the family particularly the wife and children to be honest with you. We don’t have a choice. I know people have raised some other issues about others who have been victims. I understand them but I get worried when we are mixing all together and creating an impression there is discrimination. There is a way to articulate that thing; there is a way to find in order to bring this on board. Our focus now should be to ensure that the pledges and commitments the state has made would materialize”, he stated.

On the choice of the Tema Motorway Roundabout as a place to erect a monument in honour of the late soldier, Mr Baako said the request is intriguing but appealed to government to listen to them, interrogate the issues and make the best choice.

“I was intrigued a little bit about the Tema thing, I was intrigued, I have to be honest with you. “They are entitled to make suggestions…this is not the time to argue with the family, let them talk, let the family express their feelings and let the state listen to them, interrogate the issues and judge what is the best thing to do”, he stated.”, he said.