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General News of Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Soldier lynched: Mob action in Denkyiraboase is a normal thing - Ex DCE

The immediate Past District Chief Executive (DCE) of the Upper Denkyira West Ambrose Amoah says he is not surprised at the bizarre lynching of the army captain at Denkyiraboase in the Central Region.

The deceased Captain Maxwell Mahama who was deployed as a Detachment Commander to guard the mining concession of the C and J ALASKA mining firm, was stoned and burnt after the community dwellers mistook him for an armed robber.

Speaking to Host of the Ultimate Breakfast Show Lantam Papanko, Mr Amoah recounted incidents and prevailing situations that make the area and its residents a hot bed for such spontaneous violent activities.

“I am not the least surprised at all because Denkyiraboase is one of the conflict hotspots in the Upper Denkyira West district. It is a community with a very warlike and abrasive posture. It is a community that will always wants to offer justice their own way and through their own methods. To the extent that this military man has lost his life this way is not something that surprises me.”

“I have issues to recollect in terms of the clashes with the community in relation to the work that was being done by the Chinese construction company which constructed the main road from Ayamfuri to Asanweneso and there were times the community would go seize their machines and equipment. The DCE and the rest had to go in to pacify this community so that these Chinese could work. And this is not the first time because I have had course to handle a lot of issues like this.”

“Again this is a community where leadership appears to be lacking because it is a chieftaincy conflict hot spot. The other side does not accept and carry out the order of the other Chief and so it appears to be a free for all ground where people who want to do whatever they want to do, take the law into their own hands.”

He added, “If you would go to the Diaso divisional commander’s office or the Dunkwa Divisional Commander’s office, you would encounter a lot of cases involving the youth of Denkyiraboase. I will say that the security services must clearly be on top of this and bring the perpetrators to book.”

Mr Amoah is also calling for the security services to immediately arrest the assembly member for the area William Baah and the Unit committee members as prime suspects to aid investigations into the matter.

He indicated that his information suggests that one of the unit committee members shot at the military captain overpowering him for the mob action to take place.