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Opinions of Saturday, 8 December 2018


Samson's Take: RTI Red Friday; Just pass the Bill

Here is my take, no 5 minutes sermon. I am still in red. Just pass the two decades old Right To Information (RTI) bill into law. No bill on the history of this country has undergone a quarter of the scrutiny and review this RTI bill has been subjected to in five different drafts in three different parliaments pretending to further review it.

Four different presidents and leaders of parliament paying lip service and play outright deception simply to deny the taxpayer the basic constitutional and human right to ask them to account for how they use their taxes, represent their interests and claim to govern on their behalf.

This is because the Constitution says sovereignty of the state belongs to the people and all powers of government spring from the people and must be exercised on their behalf.

We have never had a perfect law. Cut the lame excuses. Give citizens a credible RTI law after two decades of debate, review and excuses. Now we say no RTI no Tax Identification Number (TIN). Soon we shall insist on no RTI no vote and you don’t want to take citizens for granted. Today, there is a silent march against corruption. Stop the talk of fighting corruption. Pass the RTI now!