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Opinions of Thursday, 24 June 2021

Columnist: Suadik Nurudeen

Restoring the Wa central constituency as a safe seat for our dear NDC in 2024

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) flag The National Democratic Congress (NDC) flag

It is a truism that politics is about numbers and goodwill. The ability for a party or candidate to convince and attract as many electorates to accept the candidature of any such candidate is the cornerstone of the political brand.

In fact, if anybody in Ghana or anywhere underestimated the importance of building solid unbeatable political brands in Ghana, the split or hang parliament in Ghana today should help awaken any such persons from their slumber.

The nature of the 8th Parliament of Ghana today a wake-up call to our party, the National Democratic Congress to place premium on consolidating our grip on hitherto safe seats in order to stand the clearest chance of attaining a clear and unassailable Majority in Parliament as we are poised to form the next government in the year 2025.

A cursory glance across the 275 constituencies gives us all an indication that the party is gradually losing grip of some traditionally safe seats which are becoming swing seats and if care is not taken such seats can easily slip through our hands. It is important for the party to select candidates who have the wherewithal and the Midas-touch to galvanize the grassroots and easily appeal to a greater majority of the voting population to vote the NDC Parliamentary Candidates as well as the Presidential Candidate back into Parliamentary Majority and the Flagstaff House respectively.

The telling effect of the performance of our parliamentary candidates on the performance of the presidential candidate is so glaring to us and we must take the right and best decisions to forestall any further nose-dive.

The Wa Central Constituency since 1992 has been in the grip of the NDC both at the presidential as well as the parliamentary polls. However, a careful analysis of the trend of the parliamentary results in that constituency paints a picture of a dwindling and conscripting fortunes.

The performance of the party both in terms of absolute votes and percentages shows downward-spiral which jeopardizes the chances of the party and gradually gives the constituency away as swing seat.

In order that the party regains its enviable place as the most dominant party in the constituency, it is imperative for a new sigh of relief and fresh air of breadth to be blown into the party in the constituency going into the 2024 elections.

This calls for a parliamentary candidate of a different caliber imbued with new attributes capable of energizing, motivating and carrying along the core supporters of the party as well as the generality of the voter population in the Wa Central Constituency to rally round the Umbrella for victory in 2024.

Any such candidate must have a proven track-record of membership of the party and as well nurturing and supporting the very sustenance, growth and survival of the party especially in the Wa Central Constituency. After all, if you plant a tree and fail to water it, its chances of survival would surely be very minimal.

Having hang onto the NDC since its inception in 1992 and played various roles within the party, Alhaji Hudu Mogtari offered himself for consideration to lead the party as a parliamentary candidate for the Wa Central Constituency in 2004 but lost at the primaries placing second to the incumbent Dr Rashid Pelpuo with a vote difference of just four (4).

Undeterred, he availed himself financially and logistically to propel the party in the general elections of from 2004 up to 2020 playing various roles and assuming all manner of responsibilities. This is a man who has relentlessly supported the campaign and communication activities of the Wa Central Constituency at all material moments to keep the party firmly-grounded and well-positioned.

As the party readies itself for the next election with the impending parliamentary primaries, Alhaji Hudu Mogtari is highly placed and better- qualified to take over the baton and deliver the goodies for the party in the Wa Central Constituency.

Having taken a strategic break from the primaries after 2012, the time now is ripe and appropriate more than ever before for him to be given the nod to lead the party as the Wa Central parliamentary Candidate.

Out of his love for peace, unity and tranquility in the constituency, he backed off the constituency to allow for the incumbent Member of Parliament to steer the party all this while despite incessant pressure and calls from all manner of stakeholders and quarters to contest the primaries in the two previous elections of 2016 and 2020 especially.

The former Chief Executive Officer of the Food and Drugs Authority, has taken his time to go through the mill and gathered the requisite leadership and inter-personal skills necessary for political and mass mobilization which are key to the fortunes of the party.

His personal leadership attributes of generosity, selflessness, humility, honesty and trustworthiness come in handy at a time that there is so much despair and despondency within the party in the constituency.

His calm and infectious disposition coupled with his genuine spirited commitment to helping and shaping society has endeared him to the rank and file of the Wa Central Constituency putting him in a pole position to salvage the party from sinking any further.

The party at the national level in recognition of his resourcefulness and connectedness appointed him into the Finance Committee in 2016 as well as 2020. His membership of this all-important committee benefited the fund-raising efforts of the party a great deal.

With such a man lacing his boots to contest for the parliamentary candidature, it would only be appropriate for the incumbent MP to gracefully step aside and offer him the needed support going forward in the larger and supreme interest of the party in the constituency in particular and the NDC at large.

The party cannot afford to have to deal with any more disaffection and disgruntlement owing to the statuesque. It is time to restore the party to its glory days and reclaim our place of pride as the party of choice in the Wa Central Constituency.

The entry of Alhaji Hudu Mogtari will dash the hopes of the NPP of annexing the seat in 2024 as it is one of the key constituencies on the radar of the NPP who since 2012 have blamed disunity for their inability to topple the incumbent.

Let’s not gamble on this anymore by throwing caution to the win. The voter fatigue on the average voter in the Wa Central Constituency must be treated with the seriousness deserved for a new face to be presented on the ballot in 2024 to offer New Hope, New Ideas, New Direction and New Inspiration for the NDC in the Wa Central Constituency.

An Alhaji Hudu Mogtari candidature represents that new path that’s about to be chartered for the greater good of the party and members in the Wa Central Constituency.