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Opinions of Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Columnist: Zambaga Rufai Saminu

Religious obedience becoming too powerful than rule of law

Ghanaians must be bounded by the rule of law to do the right thing Ghanaians must be bounded by the rule of law to do the right thing

Leadership at all levels in Ghana, and in all forms, appears to have disappointed the Ghanaian people.

In the political circle, where the rule of law has been stampeded to give way to lawlessness, the chieftaincy front has been cluttered with poor customary practices, while the religious front, previously the moral fiber of the country, has been hijacked by opportunists who are seriously abusing innocent Ghanaian citizens presently struggling to survive, all at the detriment of the country's growth.

Our education sector is also under threat due to the influence of western education, modernization, global technological advancement all against the heritage and cultural purity of the country.

All our leaders, at all levels, seem never to follow the global pattern of acceptable normalization and standardization being used by countries around the world to determine how people are governed, managed, and protected, read my lips carefully.

We have had leaders occupying various positions at various levels in this country, but unfortunately, we are not seeing results as we should, based on how global standards of leadership are observed and practiced.

The expectation of the Ghanaian people as a litmus test for quality leadership among people occupying positions in the country has fizzled whether at the local level or national level.

Therefore, one cannot pretend not to feel, or experience the complaints being made that because of lack of quality leaders, true development really doesn't exist in the country.

We have failed as a country to conduct ourselves around righteousness, and therefore, continues to sink morally under various leaders across the political divide, religious front and in the traditional circles, all in the truest and trusted sense.

Under the circumstance, the country could be building beautiful projects in the form of laying a solid foundation for growth and sustainable development, but all could be described as a falsified interpretation of reality.

Our development projects could just be beautiful but sitting on a weak foundation because foundation seems to lack the required moral backbone to stand the test of time.

I know many readers may be alarmed by this emphatic analysis. This analysis however remains the true reflection of our existence, and if we can accept it, definitely morality would reign supreme.

We must inspire more people to aspire to offer decency in everything and not engage in discrepancy in all things. We must regain control of the soul and spirit of our country in order to establish a new generation of patriots who would not be nationalistic in character but morally upright to stand up against all forms of influence from any quarters in defense of our moral fiber, natural resources and nationhood in its strictest sense and entirety.

In this grand work of nation-building, many would fall along the line, other's would breakdown, lives would be lost, disappointment would occur intermittently, and above all, subversive elements would fight back to regain control of the country, but togetherness would hit hard at any storm that would come along the way and in our way as a sovereign country.

Among the most familiar challenges currently confronting our nation, are resource depletion being caused by both local and international detractors.

Not in a few situations, but in every situation, Ghana has always been the loser and detractors gaining undetected, the unfettered advantage of resource control.

In very emotionally charged communities one would see an unusual composition of commotion, and disappointment was written on the walls that would persistently create confusion in the circles of the middle class, and the downtrodden.

When nation-building becomes a priority, no ideology, philosophy and dogma then could become an authority.

The anger of the people in reaction to growing suppression of expression, when unchecked, would unbelievably cause serious depression, with rising discrimination against equalization, abuse and hijacking of opportunities, all causing frustration. "You can't ride the back of a man unless he bends down" Martin Luther King Jr.

Let me note that institutions have been authorized to utilize both material and human resources for the benefit of the people of Ghana. But all the institutions have collapsed in reality, but operating in a weak capacity.

We need an elaborate approach to redefine our national focus, because
the morning belongs to those who prepared in the previous evening.

Consequently, we must recognize the conception of equality for all men as a turning point in our history.

Many Ghanaians have wondered where the majestic courage for a non-violent movement in our country, being carried out by those leading Fix The Country, came from?

The answer is simple, we must make hey while the sun shines even though
there would be unwarranted and vicious attacks in counter-response, but the ultimate goal would serve a greater purpose.

Authorities have been silent about disturbing issues and many of these offending issues working against the supreme interest of innocent citizens would constantly cause them to rise up to justify their constitutional rights although they could be bullied by either security forces or external environmental forces.

But, that obviously can not match up and challenge any form of mass attacks on public policies and programs not well conceptualized by the leadership of the country.

While there are new levels of understanding to address basic necessities badly required by the majority of our people, leadership continues to fail, therefore legitimizing irresponsibility and universally ignoring the challenges confronting the majority of our people which could plunge our country into anarchy as being occurred in many countries around the world.

Ghana currently needs an unchallenged peerless voice, a universally beloved figure who would stand up for the people, seriously reasoning well and resonating well with all.

In this situation, who would bell the cat, and become the symbol of the Ghanaian democratic revolution, to rewrite the narrative and introduce nation-building cooperation that would involve all determined and discerning minds?

We desire leadership purity that represents the future and not the past, as one of the core justifications of governance.

Many citizens who attempted this herculean task got persecuted, rebuked and scorned by forces within and outside of the country.

Let's try our best, and together we must apply consciousness, a modicum of justice and fairness for all of God's children knowing that power is for poor people. A reason we must demand that neglected voices must be heard. We therefore must stay in these demands, until Ghana responds.

The nation is seriously looking for people with the right mental ability, in line with inner togetherness, assertiveness, and aggressiveness, to make the power structure of our country work perfectly in solving objectively and not subjectively the growing phenomenon of unemployment, inequality and unending biting poverty.

The greatness of Ghana lies in accepting this reality to end futility in guarding and guiding present and future generations.

We should light up a motional candle of renewed enthusiasm to change our country.

We don't want to fight anger, hunger and poverty gradually, we must be determined that we want to fight poverty, and all its associated challenges now.

The marvelous determination of the masses, who will survive to organize, mobilize and prioritize ideas, dealing with challenges inhibiting inhabitants, to live and to lead, is becoming necessary and ancestry.

Take the late John Lewis of the United States of America (USA) who was arrested 40 times, and when he was in Congress, he was again arrested 5 times.

Nevertheless, when John Lowis was getting to the end of his mission in the world, he urged American citizens to get into trouble, and what he called the necessary trouble.

" It is time for all good people in the states, here in Dallas to get into trouble"

In Ghana, we can do the same. We need to honor the sacrifices of people who preceded us.

"When you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, say something, do something, get into trouble, what I called the necessary trouble," said John Lewis.

The struggle is not to fight and leave, but fight to live and be loved.

We must deal with a false sense of superiority creeping into our body politics to satisfy just a few greedy low minds.

"When you lose all sense of fear, you are free," Martin Luther King said that to encourage black Americans to gather courage and fight for their rights and freedom as enshrined in the constitution of the United States of America.

With the spirit of love and spirit of dignity, we have a moral obligation, significantly defined in conscience, courage, and compassion, to promote our development and progress as a country, on grounds of sustainable peace and harmony, in an environment that recognizes that all men are born equal.

Again, John Lewis said that, "We must have some control over our political destiny"

This means all hands must be on deck.