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Opinions of Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Columnist: Mike Kalley

NDC at the crossroad

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) flag The National Democratic Congress (NDC) flag

The National Democratic Congress must understand that politics is about numbers and any action that tend to alienate people is detrimental to the growth of that organization. It is very disturbing how some people feel they have inalienable rights to criticize, attack, insult, or profile others who are not amenable to their dictates.

A few months ago, it was alleged that some party members were in the Eastern Region engaging in anti-party engagements, in which press statements, radio and television interviews were granted, and threats of sanctions were issued to those party members.

But others have the right to censure other party members whom they think are not qualified to contest their favorite candidate and have the courage to denigrate the former Governor of Bank Ghana, former Finance Minister, member of several boards, and a successful entrepreneur as someone not worthy of contesting the NDC presidential primaries; and nobody at the party leadership saw those diatribes as offensive to condemn, then the party has no future.

Why is the hypocrisy of these leaders allowing some groups to flout their directives without any reprimand but swiftly warning those purported engaging in the same conduct which they are classified as anti-party behavior in the Eastern Region?

Some people within the party are carrying themselves as the mouthpiece of some constituent, meanwhile, they don’t control a fly and only lie for relevance. The party could not easily identify those characters because its intelligence wing has broken down.

The pretentious attitude of Members of parliament has had a negative outlook on the legislatures, therefore they ought to redeem themselves. Anyone who believes the accounts of some of these legislatures does so at their own peril because their preoccupation is to win their seats and do not care about their presidential candidate.

Legislatures are expected to articulate the view and concerns of their constituents for redress; rather they tend to articulate their personal view with some arrogance. These attitudes of the legislature are the major reason for the high attrition rate of our Members of Parliament.

While the NPP is strategizing to break the 8 and doing everything possible to achieve that, the NDC is busily preparing the grounds for division, and this makes it evidently clear that they’ve not learnt any lessons and it appears leadership is tired and trapped in permutation and forecasting of 2024 general elections.

The abysmal performance of government is not a guarantee for winning an election and that shouldn’t be the basis of the built-up confidence of annexing the 2024 general election for the NDC.

The current leadership of the party appears to be comfortable with their position forgetting that majority of them and their action and inaction caused the humiliating defeat of the 2016 general elections. Another opportunity was given to redeem themselves and correct the ills that bedeviled the party; instead, they’ve rather chosen to intimidate anyone that criticizes them, and gradually wanting to own the party as their sole property.

The loud silence of the Council of Elders is too deafening and it's a call on all Akatamansonians to wake up from the deep slumber and shake themselves from the inertia. The nerve centre of any political party is the base, and have they been involved in any strategic planning of the party. The time has come for every loyal member of the party to critic every action and decision of these current executives.

The survivor of this party is on the shoulders of the grass-root members of the party, therefore, arise to redeem the party from the current leadership. You gave your power to the leadership to change the course and destining of the party, and the sad aspect is that after every defeat, the party is broke and the political entrepreneurs are comfortable.

Last week at Cape Coast, the Regional Minister buried her ego by kneeling before the assembly members whom the political class don’t respect, and pleaded with them to consider approving the presidential nominee.

This gesture of the minister must strengthen the grass root of recognizing the enormous power they wield.

The late founder admonished the NDC not to mimic the NPP; and now that they are bent on breaking the eight, this has placed the NDC at the crossroad of surmounting this herculean hurdle, and this calls for sober reflection and all brains on board.