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Opinions of Sunday, 10 October 2021

Columnist: Ebenezer Agyapong Snr

From nowhere to somewhere

Ebenezer Agyapong Attah Senior Ebenezer Agyapong Attah Senior

Today marks another new beginning to my life and a brand new ending. My reaction today is to reflect on how everyone’s journey is unique from each other. I honestly have been a victim of sorrows, been through a lot, and a life full of sadness. My life was adrift and in this life, I was hopeless.

My biggest wish and prayer was never to lose hope and to always believe there are better days ahead.

I am surely not like others who had everything a child will need for his development. Aside everything, the hardest thing was growing up without your biological parents. It all started when my Dad had a divorce with my mother, my mother was only a petty trader and could not take care of six children all by herself.

I happen to be the last child to my parents and my other siblings were not in a better position to take responsibility to help my mother.

It was a dying challenge on how we were feeding each day. I know and remember there were many times we slept without food. I was only 5yeras old.

A few years later my Dad completely left my mum, it was obvious my mum could not carter for us. There was a new orphanage home to be established in Accra that was admitting children.

My Aunty who was then in Accra contacted my mum about the orphanage home. I was not an orphan but since my mum could not care for me and my twin brother, she brought us from Kumasi to the orphanage home in Accra and pretended she was not my biological mother.

The orphanage home would have rejected me if I was not a genuine orphan. (I know you probably thinking, your dad could have taken care of you or must be paying child support). You are probably right, but in Africa settings, there is no obligation on the father after divorce unless of cause both parents are literate.

The very day I was brought to the home is a day that cannot be slighted. This was two years after my dad and mum had a divorce. All I have known and lived with are my mum and siblings. As a child, I could not understand why mum will have to leave me to people I did not know and have not seen in life before.

I cried the whole day and even refused to eat. I was served rice and stew, one of my fantasy foods at a time but I rejected it because all I wanted at the time was to return to my mum. But my mum was far gone and away from me. Days passed by and I must adjust to a new style of living, the same country but could tell the culture is completely different. It took me a lot of time to adjust but I finally embraced everyone.

In the home, I honestly saw the love and affection from everyone around me. Everybody loved me so much. I was soo much respected and regarded differently by all. The love and affection from caretakers, the house parents, and visitors were amazing. The home became my home forever, went through Junior High, Senior High, and through to University all by the Orphanage home.

I lost my biological father at 12years when I was in class/stage 6. I have never been a brilliant student but I have always perpetuated some level of confidence, that I could do everything or try my best in everything.

My educational cycle has not been all rosaries; I never had a good basic educational background and had to struggle throughout my educational cycle.

However, at every stage of my educational cycle, people around me and the school felt my impact. I have served and taken leadership roles at every level of my educational cycle. Even at the university, I had the opportunity to serve as the Public Relations Officer for more than 800 students in the Department of Banking and Finance.

Everything you have seen in me and have recognized with me, are all traits and attitudes that were instilled in me by the orphanage home. Discipline was top-notch and has always believed you could not do anything without God. Today, I have a lot of fathers, mentors, siblings, and friends near and far who are always providing me unflinching support.

I have looked after my other siblings and other friends, some of who are doing very well in their endeavours but many of them not getting the opportunity I have.

I know if my dad was alive, he would have tried to provide some level of support but I wonder if his support would have brought me this far. I have biological parents who brought me to this life but God brought a lot of people into my life who became my parents as well. They are not my biological parents but have played all the roles so much well that I cannot be ungrateful.

I feel I am in a better situation to turn out my fortunes. The fortunes of sadness and sorrow. I feel I have been given the best opportunity and I am grateful to God. My dream is to do my best, help as many people as I can, and affect lives as many as I can. I know I still have a lot of brothers and sisters behind, and trying to make life better in the future is a must.

I will mention just a few of these people; thank you to Pastor Seth (My first Father in the Orphanage Home). I know you would have been more excited about the progress in my life but you are not here. May you rest well in the Bosom of Christ.

Pastor Eben, I developed so much connection with this man of God, he made me to understand a lot of things about God and life in general. Till date, you have been an amazing father. I will always keep this bible verse from you… (There is hope for a living dog than a dead lion).

Daddy Charles, who is now my Grand Papa has been a special gift from God. Mama Irene, I know you don’t talk much but your support is amazing. Heather, one of my sponsors for a long time who is also my mother in another world.

She knows I cannot love her less. God bless you, Heather. Daddy John, you know you did the most and everything to get me here. My progress would not have been this graceful and exciting without you.

You are my everything and forever will my heart be grateful. Daddy John, you told me: If I don’t know where I come from, at least I should know where I am going. Today will not be the end, once I have life, I will keep going. To all my brothers and sisters, thank you for loving me, and thank you all for everything. My heart is always with you all and I hope we breakthrough altogether.

I honestly do not know your struggles. But always know there is light at the end of the tunnel and you can always break through again. My name is Ebenezer Agyapong Attah Senior and this is my short story.

This is just among the life-changing book I am yet to publish. Titled “From Nowhere To Somewhere”. This book will be speaking to the Hopeless, the effect of broken homes and breaking through from an ode background. Thank you and watch the space.