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Opinions of Friday, 24 September 2021

Columnist: Richard Kojo Nkansah

The NDC and the Otukonor factor

Deputy General Secretary of NDC, Peter Boamah Otukonor Deputy General Secretary of NDC, Peter Boamah Otukonor

The National Democratic Congress after the recent 2020 elections is getting ready to reorganise its party base for election 2024. The reorganisation involves the elections of the branch, constituency, regional and national executives. This process will shape the future and the progress of the NDC.

Political watchers are engaged in leadership forecasts and have argued that the caliber of persons likely to lead the NDC will largely determine the success of the NDC in the next general election.

A careful study of the current NDC leadership and a possible emergence of an order of a more vibrant and energetic combination of leadership makes the Office of the General Secretary an important office to watch especially considering the news that General Mosquito is not in the contest for that office and likely to contest for the Chairmanship.

The position of the General Secretary becomes most critical to the success and forward march of the NDC because the occupant of the position becomes the Chief Strategist, Chief Administrator, Chief Field Operator, Chief Spokesperson, and Chief Executive Officer of the party.

The search for an officer with all the skills and abilities for a major political party like NDC would have been a daunting one until the emergence of one great young brilliant, intelligent, energetic, brave, courageous, affable, strategic, committed, dedicated, and a selfless person appeared on the scene as Deputy General Secretary.

His service under General Mosquito has been exceptionally great with significant successes leading to most of the operations ahead of the 2020 elections, his dexterity and the efficiency he brought aboard the team cannot be over-emphasised.

Indeed, I am heavily convinced just as a number of party faithful mostly young people who share my sentiments that Dr. Peter Boamah Otukonor, the Deputy General Secretary in charge of operations is an astute politician, with a massive grassroots appeal, and enormous academic and intellectual power would be best placed to take the office of the General Secretary position.

Dr. Boamah Otukonor communicates in the language of the masses, particularly the NDC grassroots, he represents the bridge between the old order and the new order, he also represents a bridge between the middle class and the masses, he inspires hope for the young political generation.

The next NDC leadership needs a scribe who will consolidate the gains achieved by its current General Secretary and engender greater teamwork that unites the front of the party leadership. The NDC going into the next election more than ever needs purposeful, resolute, brave, smart, strategic, and action-oriented leadership, to reposition, rebrand, and give the collective effort of the party's true effect for victory in 2024.

I consider his youthfulness as the greatest asset to the NDC since it provides room for efficiency, consistency, delivery, and above all a massive pillar around which young people who have currently become the biggest problem for the NDC can gravitate.

There is a plethora of evidence of how young leaders have changed the narrative of political leadership across the world, for example, Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa, the South African President, became the ANC General Secretary at age 38 and changed the fortunes of the ANC to date. In Ghana, the NPPs Dan Botwe who brought the NPP for several years in opposition became a General Secretary at 38 years old.

Indeed, our own forebear H.E Ft. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings became Head of State at age 32 and led a stable military regime for 11 years before safely transiting our nation back to civilian rule. There are a plethora of examples of young leaders who have made nonsense of the age argument of Dr. Otukonor’s opponents rendering impetus to the biblical saying that the “wisdom of Solomon had nothing to do with the age of Methuselah.”

Peter is a generational thinker, administrator par excellence, and a people’s leader not the people's boss. His selfless and people-centered leadership style and activism embody the true meaning of the NDCs of the centre-left social democratic philosophy.

Indeed, all across the world, many young people are seen taking strategic leadership roles to accelerate the course of positive social change that targets basic human development.

Dr. Boamah Otukonor is currently the Deputy General of the NDC and the Secretary-General of the African Leftist Party Schools Union (ALPSU). He was a Deputy Campaign Manager, for the 2020 NDC-John Mahama Campaign which has been described as one of the best campaigns in NDC's history, and a lead Operations Officer of the 2012 NDC-John Mahama Campaign.

He also served the NDC as a two-term member of the NDC National Elections Directorate, a Senior Member of the NDC Communication Team, a two-term member of the Manifesto Committee, and a Secretary to the 2016 Manifesto Committee.

What defines him is his loyalty, dedication, commitment, and resilience in his service to the grassroots of the party and his unusual ability to learn with supersonic speed. He is simply a shark brain.

As many may not be aware, Peter is an Agricultural Economist, an Economic Policy Expert, a Researcher, and an astute politician who has acquitted himself creditably in the service of his party and nation.

He is currently a candidate for a PhD degree in Agricultural Economics and Policy from the University of Ghana and holds a PhD degree in Finance from Swiss Management Centre (online), an Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Executive Leadership and Business from the New England University - USA, a Diploma in Youth Development from the International Training Centre of ILO, Turin – Italy, a Master of Arts degree in Economic Policy Management and a BSc. Degree in Agriculture from the University of Ghana – Legon.

His knowledge areas include Rural Development, Economic Policy Research, Scientific and Socio-political Research, Communications, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Policy Planning, Youth Development, and Agriculture. He has over 20 years of working experience in various fields, including politics, research, education, management, communications, publishing, agriculture, and youth development.

As a Political Analyst, I would encourage him to seek the position of the General Secretary when NDC opens nominations for the election of National Executives because he has all the needed credentials to be the Chief Scribe of the NDC.

He should remain calm, stay focused, and be committed to his course of serving the NDC.