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Opinions of Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Columnist: Joel Savage

Reckless spending by Akufo Addo, corruption, incompetence, attributes to suffering in Ghana

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

In my life as a Ghanaian, I have never witnessed such a useless political party as that of the NPP, under a democratic rule, in the political history of Ghana.

How can a political party that promised Ghanaians they are going to save them from the hot frying pan, rather pushed the people into the fire? Ghana is now a hell, not a country.

Without any regret or fear, I will say it loud and clear that the NPP political party is the most useless political party whose incompetence and corruption have destroyed Ghana without remedy.

The reckless spending, bad governance, and massive corruption, which have affected entire Ghana’s infrastructure, are the results of today’s woes, hardships, and unbearable living conditions in the country.

How can a country with such large deposits of mineral resources be in such a terrible condition because of one person who thinks his father was a politician, therefore, he also wants to be a politician.

One can't be a good leader because your relative or ancestors were politicians. Good leadership needs intelligence, wisdom, and motivation to run a country.

Since the NPP politicians aren’t ready to give up corruption, prices of commodities, fuel, and customs duties have abnormally been increased. When traveling, Akufo Addo prefers to pack the presidential jet and hires an expensive jet to make his trips, in-country many people are suffering without jobs.

After decades in Europe, Ghanaians in Diaspora find it difficult to claim their goods, including vehicles, at the ports, due to high taxation.

And when they can't claim them, the government auctions the vehicles very cheap and the politicians buy them for their wives, relatives, and families.

This is the biggest crime with impunity. Such crime has been going for a very long time, yet the president, who doesn’t care about the suffering Ghanaians, has totally ignored these issues.

Sometimes, I wonder why many Ghanaians are behind such a suicidal government that doesn’t know what to do than to waste the resources of the country.

Akufo Addo’s incompetence is so serious that he doesn’t fulfill his tasks any time he promises to embark on any project in the country.

After abandoning all the uncompleted projects, including schools and hospitals by the former Ghanaian government, the NDC, Nana Akufo Addo failed to build a single hospital in Ghana.

Despite all the disappointments, Akufo Addo has come back with what he claims to be Agenda 111, ready to build hospitals. What kind of a man is not even ashamed of himself?

Despite all this nonsense, many feel threatened and fear speaking against Akufo Addo in Ghana. I'm not a coward to fear Akufo Addo.

Ghanaians were convinced that Akufo Addo is going to be a better leader than John Dramani Mahama, unfortunately, it appears he is the worst Ghanaian leader.

The effectiveness of a leader can't be measured only by his orientation but also what he has achieved, however, Akufo Addo, hasn’t achieved anything significant other than to incur a huge debt on Ghana, plunging the entire nation into the abyss.

Akufo Addo failed as a leader because his heart is very dark, full of jealousy, hate, and hypocrisy. How do you want Ghana to be a successful country when the entire country is in the hands of incompetent

You see, he left projects which belong to Ghanaians to rot in the bush because of jealousy, yet, he couldn't build a single hospital one in five years. What a shame?