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Opinions of Sunday, 25 July 2021

Columnist: Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka

RE: Dr. Bawumia has distinguished himself as a precious asset for Ghana and NPP

Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka

I have taken my time to read line after the other on an article by Razak Kojo Opoku on Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, the Vice President of Ghana. Admittedly, Mr Kojo Opoku has the right to eulogize our Veep, but he has an equal responsibility to be truthful in so exercising his rights.

In the interest of proper and accurate dissemination of information for public consumption, I deem it rather obligatory to correct some misrepresentations and shape some misconceptions that have been carefully pushed into the public space for, perhaps, purposes of deception. A lot of things have been attributed to our Vice President which marks the highest level of intellectual dishonesty.

Before I get into correcting the lies and propaganda, I beg Kojo Opoku to help settle my confusion. I wonder why Razak Opoku and all Bawumia campaign ambassadors shy away from crediting our celebrated Economic Lecturer and Chairman of the Economic Management Team, Dr Bawumia, with the current state of the Ghanaian economy.

Why do we run away from what the Vice President promised to do and must do, which is turning around Ghana’s economic woes, but try hard to glorify him with what others have done? Is there not anything creditable in the economy? I am waiting for answers.

First of all, Dr. Bawumia knows not what goes into 1D1F (One District One Factory) and Planting for Food and Jobs, he has done nothing in these fields and cannot take any credit whatsoever for the same projects.

In all fairness, both ministers of trade and agriculture are known to be interested in leading NPP into the 2024 election. It is, therefore, appropriate to allow them to take full credit for their respective performance under President Akufo Addo. We need no debate over this, it’s as clear as the sun.

Again, Razak Kojo Poku credits Dr Bawumia and his wife Samira with our religious peaceful coexistence. How can decades of peaceful coexistence be attributed to Mr and Mrs Bawumia when both of them joined NPP in 2008 and came into the limelight thereafter? Our religious peaceful coexistence as a nation evidently preceded their birth. Indeed, Dr Bawumia was around when some Muslims attacked Prophet Owusu Bempah and his church because of a prophecy he made. What did Dr. Bawumia do in all this?

Again it is trite fact that Dr. Bawumia only just recently started attending Christian churches because he believes it will better serve his presidential aspirations. Eyes are watching.

What steps or interventions have we seen on the part of our second lady or her husband? None! Is this how people contribute to peaceful coexistence? Razak is definitely writing things he doesn’t know, pathetically, about people he doesn't know as well.

Now let me address the myth about digitalization. Apart from the fact that Dr Bawumia has neither qualification nor expertise in Information Communication Technology (ICT), he has no idea about how a number of these digitalization projects were initiated and executed.

For example, the paperless and the reformed nature of the Registrar General’s Department, Ghana Standard Board Authority, etc. were done by the Business Reform Center under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. At least, I have seen a couple of videos as evidence of who truly made this happen.

Furthermore, the digital renewal of NHIS membership card was done by the staff of the National Health Insurance Authority under the leadership of Dr Samuel Yaw Annor, the immediate past CEO of the authority.

This I know was made possible without Dr. Bawumia’s knowledge or awareness or input. He was only privileged to launch the programme in the absence of H.E President Akufo Addo who was originally scheduled to launch it.

And if Dr Bawumia takes credit for all these ventures, then where does that leave his boss, HE Nana Akufo Addo, President of the Republic? Or Dr. Bawumia is in such a hurry to see his back and erase all his legacy for his own?

Whenever Razak Kojo Opoku tries to get into party matters, he sounds comical as his boss Hon. Ayariga (Ayaricough). His sycophantic writings portray him as a paid campaigner and his attempted distortion of NPP history gives him out as a stranger to our tradition.

I still cannot fathom why the likes of Razak Kojo Opoku, Allotey Jacobs, Mutuarla Mohammed, Hon Ayariga, Asiedu Nketiah aka General Mosquito, etc. are those campaigning for Dr Bawumia against the choice of the majority, NPP grassroots. Well, let me just correct the misinformation, misrepresentation and the cheap propaganda and waka.

Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka
Califonia, USA