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Opinions of Tuesday, 14 February 2017


Put your money where your mouth is

President of the MUSIGA, Bice Osei-Kuffour, has come under a lot of criticism by his colleagues in the music fraternity. Kwaisey Pee, Shatta Wale, Kontihene and a host of others have all given their assessment about the management of MUSIGA under the tenure of Obour.

Without a doubt, some of these criticisms might hold merit since as humans, it is impossible to get everything right all the time. By virtue of the fact that MUSIGA is the primary body representing the interest of musicians in the country, musicians have a vested interest in seeing the organisation run properly.

However, the issue lies with how this criticism is done. More often than not, the manner and language Obour’s detractors have employed in publicly castigating him is unhelpful and only serve in generating negative media attention rather than encouraging change. For instance, casting slurs on Obour on Facebook and Twitter will achieve very little as compared to working together with him to correct the wrongs within the organisation.

Obour has only two years left at the helm of MUSIGA and when time comes for elections, Showbiz only hopes those criticising him will put their money where their mouth is. MUSIGA’s congress and elections are open to all members and it only makes sense that those criticising him make an effort to involve themselves in making sure he does not win another term if he decides to stand for reelection.

They have the option of campaigning against him, offering support for his competitors or running against him themselves. There is no point in simply standing by the sidelines and critiquing the system but refusing to actively work for change.