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Opinions of Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Columnist: Dr Edward Kwame Poku MD

Praise be onto thee, Brother Sam George – Amen !

An open letter to Hon. Sam George of Prampram from Dr Edward Kwame Poku of the National Democratic Party of Ghana.

Dear Hon. Sam George,

In your untiring effort to fight against the criminal and unjustified attempt to use fake arguments to dominate the minds and soul of our people, I hereby in the name of our party present you with more intellectually effective tools to ward off the aggressive and destructive colonisation of our people.

One Mr Akoto-Ampaw claims

a) he is against the anti-LGBTQ bill that you proposed because he says “people's fundamental human rights will be abused if the law is passed” and

b) that religious values should not form the basis of a law.

But his justification for his opposition to the anti-LGBTQ bill, describing as hypocritical the decision by some members of parliament to seek criminalisation of same sex relations, is unclear, as the bill does not address same sex relations in the way Mr. Akoto-Ampaw claims it to be.

We maintain, however, that if your bill is passed, many lives will be saved because the transmission of HIV could be virtually eliminated. Admittedly the HIV transmission is notoriously caused by majority of homosexuals. The argument that religious values shall not form the basis of a law is in part only correct, since our constitution separates religious from state affairs.

We from the National Democratic Party consider your article in which you maintain that religious values should not form the basis of a law is in part only correct, because of our Constitution seeks to separate religion from state affairs.

We expect lawyer Akoto-Ampaw to know better, since the Article 35 of our 1992 Constitution forbids segregation and encourages integration of the people of Ghana.

However, the government of Ghana has unilaterally created the Ministry of Zongos with the main aim of segregating the Muslims from other religious groups. Therefore, if religious values should not form the basis for a law, then the laws allowing the creation of a special ministry for Zongos and all the measures accompanied are illegal and unconstitutional. We therefore see, who is actually hypocritical, the government he supports or the opposition Mr. Sam George belongs to.

I maintain too, that the LGBTQ law is not solely about same sex relations, even though we are not talking about the word relations.

What Hon. Sam George is aiming at with this bill, is the following (I entreat my readers to read carefully):

I. Disorders of Sexual Preferences

What Hon. Sam George is talking about is what is described as disorders of sexual preference (the medical term used in the ICD-10, International Classification of Diseases) or paraphilias (the term used by psychologists and psychiatrists in the specialised classification DSM-IV), are disorders in which an individual is sexually aroused by an inappropriate stimulus. We shall give examples at a later point in this article. Other terms used by other doctors include sexual deviation and perversion.

There is however some overlap between the disorders, sex offending and inappropriate sexual behaviour, but the three are separate concepts.
[Also, transsexuality or having a different natural phenotype (appearance) in relation to the pre-determined sex based on ones chromosomes has nothing to do with the aforementioned disabilities as it is a simple genetic defect regarding certain specific receptors malfunctioning or missing.
This, together with the false term “anti-LGBTQ”, should serve as an example of how the discussion is being re-framed by critics of this law with terms that are designed to misinform and confuse.]

II. Homosexuality

The term homosexuality was previously included but this is no longer the case due solely to political lobbying by a previous CEO of the oil-company BP. This lobbyist (name excluded) was the husband of a 16 year old boy. Reference: Sunday Observer.

In the early 1958-59 period the number of imprisoned homosexuals and those who committed suicide increased. This is why the British Parliament sought to decriminalise the sexual preferences. The activity increased worldwide and that led to LGB activities.

Where do the lawyer Akoto-Ampaw and his colleagues find the fundamental Human Rights Abuse in Hon. Sam George's anti-LGBTQ bill ?

I am by profession a consultant physician specialist, living and working in Germany.

1. I have been working as a doctor for over fifty-five years in both, Ghana and Europe.

2. I went to ECM elementary school in Kumasi, Ashanti,

3. followed by Adisadel College, Cape Coast,

4. proceeded with CMB scholarship to Westminster College London.

5. My Cocoa Marketing Board scholarship was for dentistry but later changed to medicine.

6. That led me to the University of Vienna Medical School,

7. where I finished my 1st MB, so-called 1st Rigorosum in record time of 5 semesters and then

8. ultimately finished my studies in the Uni Duesseldorf.

It is needless to portray myself as a super-doctor, it suffices to say that from 2003 to 2011 I worked for the British Government, to be exact, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Interior.

Among the places I worked were two important prisons,

1. a most fascinating maximum security prison and then
2. the Isle of Wight prison.

The latter prison found me caring for 30 solely paedophiles, who were jailed because of their activities inimical to the law of the land. During consultations, almost all of them claimed they were attracted to children. When I asked them, why, they invariably gave me the unequivocal answer that children could not forcefully resist. I found the behaviour of these paedophiles totally unacceptable and criminal and I did not consider them being in prison as tantamount to an abuse of their human rights.

Would lawyer Akoto Ampaw consider the punishment of these people abuse of their human rights? If yes, why does he think so and if it is no, then why?

The gentlemen who wrote a petition with the aim of stopping the anti-LGBTQ bill presently in front of the Parliament deliberately changed the topic of the bill. The bill is not about same-sex relationships, the bill is solely about activities of the LGBTQ group in Ghana and therefore it is about the medical expression of disorders of sexual preferences.
The preferences however lead into activities. It is only the activities which are the body of the bill.

The bill is not talking about same sex, which admittedly forms part of the issue. We are talking generally of the medical expression “disorders of sexual preferences”, the general aspects of it.

At this juncture, I would like to inform my readers about the many different objects and acts that may be the focus of disorder of sexual preference.

III. The Classification Systems in DSM IV and ICD-10

These classification systems in DSM IV and ICD-10 are very similar to each other.
A disorder of sexual preference may be present in addition to other mental disorders.

Dear Lawyer Akoto-Ampaw,

For your information, please kindly read a list of what doctors have identified sexually arousing objects in these disorders:

• non-living objects, e.g.
◦ clothing,
◦ shoes,
◦ rubber

Example: Parts of ladies' clothing could be a sexually arousing object. A man uses a pair of scissors to cut a piece of a woman's pants in a tram. He is caught and prosecuted. Are his human rights abused ?

Another Example:

DSM-IV, Transvestism or fetischism, e.g. seen also in Ghana usual in these examples:

a) Cross-dressing (not few articles of clothing but complete outfit, perhaps with wigs and make-up):

Clear association with sexual arousal distinguishes from transsexual transvestism.

b) Exhibitionism:

Exposure of genitals to strangers

c) Touching and rubbing against non-consenting person:

e.g. Prof. Ahwoi in his book accused Rawlings of touching someone's balls – a clear example for homosexuality, if true.

Where is the human rights abuse here ?
All those Ghanaians therefore, who wrote a petition supporting indirectly homosexuality have exposed their ignorance and disloyalty to our Nation. A disgrace. Shame to all of you.

IV. More Examples of Homosexual Acts

Dear Mr. Akoto-Ampaw,

we are told “you are worried that while the MPs and some Ghanaians are basing their rejection of same sex relations on religious principles, the same is not being said about fornication and adultery and that Ghanaians should rather be concerned about curbing this behaviour.

It is extremely shocking what this Ghanaian lawyer is saying. This man is simply talking for the sake of talking. President Nana Akufo-Addo is also talking about the same “jazz”. I might therefore describe to both of them what homosexuality is.

V. Germany Faces Epidemic of Child Sex Abuse

The World Health Organisation estimates one million victims of child sex abuse this year.
This has been recorded by Damian Wilson, a U.K. journalist, ex-Fleetstreet editor, financial industry consultant and political communications special advisor in the UK and EU.

In Germany's latest horrific case of child abuse, paedophiles filmed sex-acts on their own children to share online.

Kids learn “stranger danger” but a leading campaigner says to “think the unthinkable”, about who the real abusers are. Whereas in Europe paedophiles are jailed, some lawyers in Ghana maintain that they should continue such practices because it is their human right.

Some of these Ghanaians limit their arguments to same sex marriage, while we are talking generally about homosexuality. It is virtually impossible to understand why these petitioners do not want to acknowledge the sexual abuse of 430,000 children in the United States by Catholic priests. In France, at the moment we are talking about 303,000 children who have been sexually abused by homosexuals. It is estimated that every third man in the UK is a homosexual, that is why it is assumed that the British government decided to legalise this bad behaviour, which unfortunately lawyer Akoto-Ampaw and his colleagues want to describe as a human rights affair. It is not.

We still have no clue why homosexuals were up until the 1960s jailed in Britain for homosexual activities but suddenly it has become a human rights issue in England.

VI. Very Important Information for Hon. Sam George!

The question for the Ghanaian lawyers who presented a foolish petition, published in, is whether they have ever read or heard about the causes of homosexuality.

In 1991 the prestigious journal SCIENCE published a study showing that the brains of a group of homosexual men who had died from AIDS were structurally different from the brains of heterosexual men, in that the nucleus in the hypothalamus that triggers male typical sexual behaviour was much smaller in gay men and looked more like that in the brains of women.

The author, Simon Le Vay, then associate professor at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and adjunct professor of the University of California was immediately attacked by gay activists who feared that the recognition of homosexuality as a physically identifiable or attributable condition might lead to it being re-stigmatised. Le Vay, who is himself a gay person, then went on to discover that the corpus callosum (the bridge between left and right hemisphere of the brain) differs between gay and straight men – in gays it was bigger, analogue again to the female brain.

Three years later a study led by the molecular biologist Dean Hammer of the National Institute of Health (NIH) in Washington, DC, found evidence to suggest that a specific gene carried on the maternal line influenced the sexual orientation in men. Put together, the studies provide evidence that homosexuality is rooted in biology.

Therefore it is justified for those people whose sexual arousal leads them to sexual activities with the same sex should be punished. My experience in prisons in England indicates clearly that these homosexuals in prison act on impulse and do sexual damage to innocent inmates.

Source of information only to Hon. Sam George, the next President of the Republic of Ghana.


I have the impression that those so-called 18-member coalitions of self-styled prominent Ghanaians have disgraced themselves. They have exposed their ignorance to the Ghanaian People. Shame on them.

How can someone who performs a perverted form of sexual act, which in a way is against all acceptable norms and thereby permanently damage the health of others have the right to go on doing that.

I was in charge of a category A prison in England which housed the most dangerous inmates. Here the damage sexually done to innocent inmates by homosexuals remains an untold story. The spread of HIV among the inmates is and remains a society problem.

If I have properly understood what the above named lawyer is calling for, he wants these people on the basis of human rights to remain unpunished.
We are told these 18 people who sent a memo to the parliament probably did that for badly needed financial reward reasons.

I warn the youth of Ghana, please do not resolve problems through violence!

You have an effective weapon and that is a strike. Stay at home until we have a new constitution. Thanks.

Dr. Edward Kwame Poku M.D. is a former research fellow of Neurology and Cardiology at University of Duesseldorf, Germany. I was born in Ashanti, Kumasi, went to Adisadel College, completed 1953, proceeded to England and later to Germany for the purpose of studying medicine. I came back to Ghana 1970, was the first African Doctor who was sent to Bolgatanga to man the Bolgatanga Hospital. After one year I proceeded to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi as a medical officer and after 12 months changed to KNUST hospital as a medical officer. In 1975 I proceeded to Germany to specialise in internal medicine where I graduated as consultant physician specialist. I am married to a Viennese lady and since 1980 practicing in my own surgery as a physicial specialist.