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Opinions of Thursday, 20 January 2022

Columnist: Edmund Kyei

Politics is not for neophytes like Francis Xavier Sosu

Francis Xavier Sosu Francis Xavier Sosu

It is very unacceptable to see a sitting MP who lost his honourable title recently and has gone ahead to meddle in a misunderstanding between Dormaa chief and Asante King. Francis Xavier Sosu who is on the police wanted list wrote on his Facebook wall and I quote him, "Truth and honesty. The next generation will celebrate you. His royal majesty with the people at heart.

This is life of impact and influence" Sosu went on to attach the picture of Nana Dormaahene to his write up.

Meanwhile, there is an ongoing misunderstanding between Asante King and Dormaa Chief which have captured the most media headlines in the country this January.

This is a sign of immaturity as a first-time parliamentarian, Xavier needs to grow in politics because there are Ashantis and other tribes in his Constituency so he has to be careful with his actions.

Ghana is the only nation we have so we need to be careful with our utterances, some of these tribal issues caused the Rwandan war so mature minds to need to manage issues like this.

Sosu needs to shelve his hatred for Ashantis because no amount of lies can change the rich history of Asanteman and our Royal Majesty the King.

You are gradually becoming a lawyer who does not think deeply before acting, I entreat you to go back on your Facebook wall to retract and apologise to Asanteman.

The writer is the Constituency 1st Vice Chairman and NPP National Communication Member