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Opinions of Monday, 23 August 2021

Columnist: Doctor Kwadwo Ye-large

Our political leaders must take their oath of office in a shrine to become serious

The author expresses sentiments about politicians in the country The author expresses sentiments about politicians in the country

Democracy is consolidating across Africa. Ghana has a vibrant democracy where elections are vigorously contested. The NPP and The NDC have dominated the political scene since 1992. No political party has been able to succeed itself after the mandatory two-term limit of four years each. Elections in Ghana is a winner takes all.

For the most part, elections are contested on the basis of promised infrastructure projects, utility price reductions, restoration of allowances, payment of arrears, among others.

The question then is whether our politicians live up to their promises? It is certainly a big 'No'. Politicians, after taking an oath of office by swearing to the Bible, Quran, or The Cross, still rob the state of billions of dollars. This implies that they don't fear God.

An oath of office is an affirmation a person takes before assuming the duties of that office. Such oaths are required by the laws of the state before the person may actually exercise the powers of that office.

These oaths are statements of allegiance and loyalty to the constitution that you will live up to your promises and expectation.

What do we see and hear? Some political leaders taking double salaries. Others failing in their promises. Some deliberately causing financial loss to the state. After promising to make our lives better, we still have a situation where pregnant women are taken to the hospital in wheelbarrows.

The unemployment situation in Ghana continues to rise; meanwhile, they swear by the Bible, Quran, and The Cross to solve all these. They swear to provide permanent jobs for the youth, but to no avail.

Some people are refusing to go on pension. They always reduce their age. They must take their oath of office in a SHRINE, and let's see if they will reduce their ages.

Taking an oath is so necessary because when the right things are done, it will allow for sustainable growth; it will bring out the tendencies of straightforwardness and truthfulness. Unfortunately for Ghana, our leaders swear by the Bible, Quran, and The Cross, but they are more than corrupt.

Why are they not made to swear by deities? They should be made to swear by deities, and we shall see lots of development in Ghana. Our leaders just don't fear God. They should be taken to the shrine to take their oaths. Enough of the Bible, Quran, and The Cross.

Under the laws of Ghana, it may be considered a high crime to betray a sworn oath of office. Our political leaders always betray a sworn oath of office but nothing is done, our judges after taking an oath, take money, goats, and sheep to give out an unfair judgement. My goodness!

Indeed if we really want to progress in this country, we have three major religions in Ghana, we have been using the Bible and Quoran for some time now.

Let's make our political leaders take their oath of office in a shrine.