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Opinions of Friday, 3 December 2021

Columnist: Shadrack Kofi Ofori

Our farmers should be provided with sufficient resources

Happy farmers' day to our gallant farmers Happy farmers' day to our gallant farmers

Smallholder farms, which typically span less than two hectares, dominate Ghanaian agriculture, and farmers, including men and women, are frequently among the rural poor and food insecure.

Many young men and women migrate to cities because there are few job opportunities in their villages. As a result of this migration, rural populations are aging and becoming less dynamic, with high rates of youth unemployment, underemployment, and social inequality.

Food crops are in high demand both domestically and regionally, and agribusinesses are eager to partner with smallholders. They do, however, desire more structured commercial partnerships along the value chain.

Small-scale farmers in Ghana require assistance in transitioning to contemporary commercial agriculture. They require improved infrastructure, equipment, inputs, and technologies, as well as storage, processing, and marketing facilities.

They also require assistance in overcoming climate-related dangers like as dry spells and droughts, arable land degradation and erosion, and occasional floods with resultant infrastructure damage. Ghana's farmers are doing everything they can to boost the country's economy through agribusiness.

I appeal to the Agriculture Minister and all stakeholders to help our farmers by providing them with all the necessary resources needed to boost their farming. We should endeavour to provide them health insurance scheme, as well as a special pension scheme and proper medical treatment as necessary.

We should lavishly reward them and provide them with the equipment they require to improve their farming, let's refrain from providing them with cutlasses, agricultural boots, or gloves as farmers day reward.

Government should try and solve the following hunting challenges in the Agriculture Sector;

1. Poor financial Support

2. Poor transportation and storage facilities.

3. Lack of information and data.

4. Inadequate agriculture extension services.

5. Low mechanisation or poor adoption of technology.

Our farmers are entitled to better, let us demonstrate that they are the backbone of this country; without them, we would perish. Individual bodies are also encouraged to support our farmers in order to empower them and provide them a foothold.

I say 'AYEKOO' to all of our gallant farmers; we, the good people of this country, greatly appreciate your efforts. We understand the hardships you face as farmers, but I urge you not to give up; keep going, and God will repay you one day.

We cherish you all.