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Opinions of Sunday, 3 April 2016


Open Letter to IGP: When are we going to enforce road traffic regulations?

Dear IGP,

It is unfortunate I have to pour out my frustrations on the lackadaisical enforcement of our road traffic regulations in the open.

For umpteen times I have complained about the recklessness on our roads to the Motor Traffic and Transport Department and all the feedback had been one of cold feet and downright contempt.

I have on a number of occasions called the Police Headquarters with same complaints only to be told the MTTD will take action, a carol I can always expect.

My first issue has to do with motor riders who apparently have no regard whatsoever to traffic regulations. Most of the time they ride on pavements, on the opposite side of traffic, carry three or more pillions without crash helmets, some have no registration numbers, they block traffic to allow their own to proceed especially during their special occasions, ride through red lights with impunity and unfortunately, your policemen also indulge in such acts of lawlessness.

Second is the abuse of “one ways". The first case in point is the Brewery Road just adjacent to the Graphic Road at Adabraka. During rush hours, especially after 5pm, it is a total mess and the culprits are GRA custom division staff bus and some of their officers, Immigration Service staff bus and in particular an officer who drives a Toyota highlander with registration number GE 630 13, as well as commercial vehicles.

Third point is the hijacking of the roads in Adabraka by wayside motor garages, the same can be said of Darkuman Kokompe, on the Nima highway, a whole lane of the road has been converted to a lumber market as if laws don't exist in this country.

On the Dr Busia high street especially at Kaneshie, scrap dealers just dump their scraps on the street as if it is no body’s business. All manner of people openly urinate just by the wall in the middle of the street and strangely, they just don't care even with police presence.

The police presence below the footbridge at Kaneshie is a good idea to bring some discipline and improve traffic flow but regrettably, most often the police compromise themselves so there's no discipline.

IGP these are my initial lamentations and I trust you will act on them with alacrity.


John Tagoe