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Religion of Tuesday, 10 October 2017


Occult politicians behind national disasters – Prophet Kwabena Tawiah

Founder and leader of Church of Rabbi, Prophet Kwabena Tawiah is claiming that the numerous gas and fuel station explosions, as well as other national disasters, are caused by politicians practicing occultism to retain power and wealth.

Prophet Tawiah revealed that God is venting his spleen on Ghana with fire to punish occult politicians, adding that he will destroy properties amassed by politicians and public workers through dubious and corrupt deals.

“Ghana should expect more fire outbreaks and gas explosions. I know innocent lives have been lost as a result but God has revealed to me that there would be more of them because of the wicked political leaders we have in this country.

“They rob us and use the monies for big mansions and even fuel stations but I can assure you that the fire outbreaks which will soon be experiencing will destroy their properties and mansions and kill these wicked politicians for stealing from us. It will burn all such properties” he warned.

Prophet Kwabena Tawiah also prophesied that there will be another heavy downpour in Ghana that will be more disastrous than the June 3 incident that ensued at circle claiming close to 200 lives.